Organic Shelled Hempseed

8 oz bag

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8 oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed is a raw, unprocessed, organic superfood that can easily be added to your diet. It’s also a great way for those who are vegetarian or vegan to get their protein intake and can be eaten with breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. How you choose to use the mighty hempseed is only limited by your creativity.
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About This Brand

Nutiva is a powerhouse brand that has made it their mission to help consumers escape the tangled web of the industrialized food system by providing beneficial, wholesome options. Nutiva offers pure, good-for-you ingredients that they hope will revolutionize the way the world eats. And in so doing, the company seeks to bring balance, sustainability, and a sense of community to the world. In their journey to bring nutritious food to the masses, the people behind Nutiva stumbled upon the power of superfoods. These are foods that are not only good for the body, but also happen to be kind to the planet. They include the staples upon which Nutiva has built their name—hemp, coconut, chia, and red palm, to name a few. Social and environmental responsibility Nutiva’s vision to spread health and wellness across the world does not stop with their commitment to creating healthy products. The company considers social and environmental responsibility to be a core part of their culture,...
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Raw, Organic Shelled Hempseeds

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 3 Tbsp (30g) Servings Per Container about 8

Amount Per Serving

Calories 170 Calories from Fat 130

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 14g 22%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 2g <1%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars <1g
Protein 10g 20%

Iron 15%

Reviews For Organic Shelled Hempseed

Based on 35 Reviews


So good! They are great with just about anything. Very mild nutty, creamy flavor. Similar to the flavor of pine nuts. Will be ordering on a regular basis.

- Kala Cramer


Purchased primarily for making hemp milk, very smooth texture, Two cups water two tbsp hemp seeds and two tbsp of raw/organic agave, few slices of your favorite fruit blend and enjoy! Once this product is opened refrigerate and it is recommended to us within 12 weeks. This will be a staple in my kitchen!

- Jeffrey


I tried these seeds in a banana, strawberry , Nutiva Vanilla Powder with water shake. It made it smell and taste a bit strange and made me not want to drink the shake. I may have to see whats the best way to use these seeds.

- Jennifer


I love these on salad. I'm sure I'll find other uses for them too, but my salad wouldn't be the same without them!

- Carolyn

Great price

Love these hemp seeds in smoothies, on salads and mixed in yogurt and oatmeal. Great quality and great price!

- Therese

Organic shelled hempseed

new product which I introduced into my daily eating regiment. Has a wonderful taste, nutty, and goes great on just about everything. I enjoy it with fruit and almond milk. Helps with digestion, and high fiber promotes wellness.

- Tom

Hemp Seed

I did not know that these seeds are crushed, which makes snacking on the fly a little tricky. ( I suggest a spoon) However, they are so good (and way good for you) if you toast them up a bit, toss them in yogurt, salad, breakfast cereal, etc. The 8 oz. package size is generous and should be kept refrigerated.
I recently found the same product, same brand at a so-called "discount store". The price was double. Do yourself, and your wallet a favor.... Shop Thrive

- Tabitha

Great protein source

I love to eat these hemp seeds daily. I put them on yogurt, in salads, smoothies, my own homemade chocolate bars and energy "bites", just to name a few. They are crunchy with a nice nutty flavor. Great product.



I absolutely love these! I put them into my yogurt or smoothie and they give this amazing nutty flavor and come with a load of health benefits! I highly recommend this brand as I have tried many and this is the most resonantly priced one I have found that has all the perks I want!

- Anna

Hemp Seeds

Very, very tasty. The number of servings per bag is good, and so convenient.

- J.f.

Organic Hemp Seed

Love this on salads and in smoothies!

- Doreen

adds a nice crunch and flavor!

I bought this product after receiving a free sample. To be honest, I was afraid to try the sample. I used it in my salad and was delightfully surprised by the nice crunch added. The flavor is lightly nutty, not strong at all. Good stuff that's healthy, too!

- Ann

Organic Hemp Seed

Love them on salads....

- Kay

keeps my energy levels up

I use 3 to 4 Tablespoons in my morning smoothy. It's the only thing I've found that keeps me from getting sleepy during the day.

- cindy

Always fresh tasting

I use this product in smoothies, to make seed milk and also sprinkle on salads, oatmeal, and occasionally in yogurt. A great way to get extra protein. Always tastes fresh and at a great price.

- Therese

Hemp Seed

Great product - speedy delivery!

- Cara

Hemp seeds

Awesome product. Love these little guys!

- Mark

love ❤️

Great in oatmeal...protein shakes or even salads!

- Kani

Hemp Seeds

These hemp seeds are terrific, use them in salads and smoothies1

- Nancy

Organic shelled hempseeds

I love organic non-GMO hempseeds. They have a mild nutty flavor. Easy to add to any recipe and so good for us. Will definitely reorder.

- Patricia Davenport-Perkins

Hemp seeds

I use this in my morning smoothie. Great product!

- Donna

Great for Hemp Milk!

I went Vegetarian recently for health reasons, and my Doctor suggested I start eating Hemp Seeds to supplement my protein and fat intake. I immediately asked if that was legal in our state, which she assured me it was.

At first I just added a few spoonfuls to my yogurt and granola in the morning, but decided I wanted to find some other ways to eat them. Then I found this great recipe for hemp milk with just water and dates in the blender. It's amazing! I now use it to eat cereal, put it in my coffee, or just drink it straight! The seeds are great, but you have to keep them in the fridge, or they'll go off very quickly.

- Theresa Spencer

Love them!

I love adding hemp seeds to my smoothies, yogurt, and cereal. Almost anything. I love the texture and the nutty flavor. They are also a good source of good fat and protein.

- Stephanie

So glad I discovered these

Three tablespoons have 10g of protein! An excellent addition to smoothies and salads to up my protein intake. Plus they have a great light nutty flavor. FYI they have to be refrigerated after opening!

- Stefanie

Protein and more

This stuff is wonderful and has a lot of health benefits. I like to eat them alone, they taste like sunflower seeds. I also think they are great in smoothies and add a little bit of a nutty flavor.

Hemp is controversial to some people, but they don't understand that there is a difference between this and marijuana.

- Kirk

Great breakfast bars

When I worked in a health food store I was first introduced to this stuff. At first I was afraid to try it. One day we had samples out and I gave it a try. Hemp seed tastes a lot like sunflower seeds.

One of our workers made breakfast bars with it and I was absolutely in love.

- Evalyn

Hemp Milk

I love this hempseed. Nutiva is a great brand. I use this for making hemp milk, and it is wonderful.
Just blend a cup of hemp seed, 3 cups of distilled water, a pinch of kelp powder, and 3 pitted medjool dates. I use my Magic Bullet. Strain through cheesecloth.

In order to keep my hempseed fresh I store it in a sealed plastic tub in my freezer.

- Si Tower

Love These Shelled Hempseeds!

I love my Thrive Market membership for a ton of reasons. One is the great selection of natural, raw, healthy, Paleo, gluten-free foods, and health and beauty products. There seems like the items I need are constantly on sale!

For example, this Nutiva Shelled Hemp Seeds 8oz pouch. It tastes great and I enjoy it in many different recipes. This is currently listed for 33% of what other sites are selling, certainly a lot cheaper than our local health food stores.

Thank you so much Thrive for the opportunity to purchase products I need and use for so much less!

- Brenda Simmons

Morning Smoothie Protein

Use this for my morning smoothie. It adds much-needed protein to my morning smoothie. It also makes my smoothie much more thick and creamy to drink. Thrive has made it so easy by delivering it straight to my door. I don't even have to go out to my local health foods store anymore, and I'm always sure I have some on hand.

- Timothy A

Not big enough to be a snack

Nutiva hempseed are flavorful, but they're not ideal for snacking because they're so small. Most times they slip right through my hands when I grab them.

So I just use them as a garnish for salads, or add to my special trail mix of almonds, cashews, organic raisins and cranberries. These seeds give my trail mix a nice flavor, but I only add about a teaspoon and that's plenty.

- Jolene Torres

Good, but some negatives

I enjoy hempseeds for their nutritional value, but these may have a little too much fat. As much as I love organic food, you still have to watch our for fat, even good fats.

The serving size on these is too big in my opinion. I usually go by the handful, which is two tablespoons, but the serving size on this brand is three tablespoons, which is a lot. They taste fine, but not happy with the fat content.

- Jesus Telecos

Versatile seeds

These shelled hempseeds are great. You can use them with foods like salads and soups, or mix them into protein shakes and freshly squeezed natural juice.

I like them with oatmeal, and I even just east them straight out of the pouch. They are healthy and sourced naturally. Very good product.

- Janine T

Healthy addition

Didn't know much about hemp seeds. My doctor told me to eat more nuts and raw seeds, including sunflower and hemp seeds. Went online, did research. Hemp seeds are kind of a little wonder food. Healthy and packed with protein.

I sprinkle them on salad and soup and mix in with my almond butter when I have sandwiches. It has a distinct taste, stronger than sunflower seeds, with a slight bitter edge. Love them.

- Julius Turner

Who would have thought?

Who would have thought that hemp would taste so good. I mean, they make ropes with it- I don't want to eat ropes!

I akin their flavor to that of sunflower seeds. Other than that I am not really sure how to describe it other than delicious. I love to eat these on a salad, and I have even had them made into snack bars, similar to Rice Krispies treats, but good for you.

- Pam

Non-fishy omegas

This is an excellent source of omegas, which are really important for me and others with MS (I am not a salmon fan). I blend it up in smoothies and even started grinding it with my coffee. It's a great find.

- Brendan

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