Organic Sunflower Seed Butter - Lightly Sweetened

16 oz jar

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16 oz jar

Why You’ll Love It

Once Again Organic Sunflower Seed Butter is as nutritious as it is delicious. A two-tablespoon serving contains 170 calories, 5 grams of protein, and 3 grams of dietary fiber, making it a slightly lighter choice than almond or peanut butter. The recipe contains a small amount of organic cane sugar and only 8 grams of carbohydrates per serving.
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About This Brand

Providing the health-conscious consumers with products of superior quality and integrity.Jeremy Thaler and Constance Potter met while establishing Mifflin Street Co-op in Madison, Wisconsin. They shared common belief in the importance of herbal supplements, worker-owned cooperatives, organic and sustainable farming and the power of community. Upon leaving Madison and moving to Rochester, New York, they established a worker cooperative distribution called Clear Eye Distribution, and a whole-grain bakery that also produced granola using a barrel roaster.A chance question from a friend, "You have a barrel roaster, why don't you use it to make peanut butter?" led Jeremy to the peanut butter business. In 1976, Once Again Nut Butter was born. When Jeremy and Connie left Rochester for a more rural area, they moved the company into their 800 square foot basement and manufactured peanut butter there until they purchased the current facility in 1981.Mission StatementOnce Again is a...
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Organically grown, dry roasted sunflower seeds, organic evaporated cane juice, organic sunflower oil, salt.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 2 tablespoon (30g) Servings Per Container 15

Amount Per Serving

Calories 170 Calories from Fat 130

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 15g 23%
Saturated Fat 1.5g 8%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 90mg 4%
Total Carbohydrate 8g 3%
Dietary Fiber 3g 12%
Sugars 2g
Protein 5g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 2%
Iron 6%

Contains sunflower seeds. Manufactured in our facility that also processes peanuts and soy, and on equipment that processes other tree nuts and seeds.

Reviews For Organic Sunflower Seed Butter - Lightly Sweetened

Based on 62 Reviews

Love this nut butter!

This is better than peanut butter! Since I'm allergic to peanuts I just substitute this butter instead. Much more flavorful and delicious. I think I'm addicted to it now. I spread this on my rice crackers or rice cakes and adds lots of flavor to an otherwise boring rice crunch.

- Elda Brooks

our favorite

This is my family's favorite peanut-free spread. We have tried soy butter and other school-safe products, and my pickiest child loves this even more than PB.

- Rachel


This is better than peanut butter! Best stuff ever! I buy several jars at a time because we go through it so fast

- Allison

Very good and perfect smooth texture!

Very smooth and creamy. Tastes very rich and is perfect for anyone who loves sunflower seeds!

- Darrelee M Kinas

Sunflower seed butter.

Amazing quality
Spread great and it taste better than peanut
Butter .
This is a wonderful find !

- Joann Taylor

Organic Sunflower Seed Butter- Lightly Sweetened

Tasty. Glass jar. Cheaper than regular market.


Get it.

Man, I love this stuff. I don't think it tastes just like peanut butter really, but definitely like a sweetish nut butter of some sort (yes, I know it's a seed). Be warned: It's runny. There's nothing wrong with that, you just might not be expecting it. Harder to eat from a spoon haha.

- Kristy K


I like this even better than peanut butter, it's so delicious !

- Angela

Good less sweet than other brands

Found this after looking for alternative to another popular brand. It isn't as sweet and much more sunflower flavor. My daughter still eats it.

- Christine Kennedy

Good, stronger sunflower taste than my previous brand

Still good, though it tastes very sunflowery.

- Michele Roberts

Tastes just like peanut butter!

We don't eat peanut butter although I love the taste of peanut butter but so happy to have found this as it tastes just like peanut butter. Yummy!

- Ingrid

Amazing Stuff

Guys...treat yo self to some of this amazing sunflower seed butter. It is creamy and just the right blend of salty and sweet. It is good on everything from apples and carrots to Ezekiel bread. You will not be disappointed.

- Whitney

Sunflower seed butter

First time trying this and love it so much I have already ordered another jar. It will be a staple on my shelf.

- Mary


My favorite!

- Denise

My favorite seed butter.

This is my favorite seed butter and is the only one I use. Great flavor, mildly sweet and a great price.

- Ben

Just right sunflower seed butter

Once Again Sunflower seed butter has a delicious flavor and can be used in many delightful ways for recipes. The seed butter is good consistency and easy to use when stirring into other foods.

- Paula Jo


As I age, I seem to be getting more and more sensitive to different foods. Unfortunately, peanut butter, which I love, is one of them. In fact, peanuts, cashews and almonds all had the same effect. I didn't want to believe it at first, so I ignored the bloating and crippling cramps for a long time. Finally I looked into alternatives and found this Sunflower seed butter. It tastes great and it doesn't hurt my tummy! At first the thinner texture bothered me, but now I love it! It's easier to spread a thin layer without over doing it (for thise of you watching calorie intake). It's also better for using in things like oatmeal and protein shakes than peanut butter.

- Katie

Excellent substitute for peanut butter

I have to limit legumes so try to use other nut butters than peanut butter. This is so reasonable and yummy! Use it for everything you would normally use peanut butter's great!

- Debbie

Organic Sunflower Seed Butter

Please carry unsweetened sunflower seed butter.
I don't need the sugar just the seeds!

- Marianna

My favorite

This is my favorite brand of sunflower seed butter. No need to stir, stays creamy.

- Leslie


I use the nut butters in my green drinks as I have no teeth and need the calories and protein oils etc etc - for the price and size these are a great deal and are always fresh unlike the off brands I have had to use in the stores in the past - love thrive

- Kevin

Allergic to nuts

My husband loves this. He's allergic to nuts and now he can have what he calls "peanut butter" again.

- Bonnie

Sunflower butter


- Karla

Great product

I love this sunflower seed butter it's got great flavor and consistency

- Lisa

nutty and delicious

I was surprised at the nutty taste, a hint of sweetness, and smooth texture. Love it on wasa bread. A very good snack for my great grandkids.

- Judith Hirsch-Fikejs

Organic Sunflower Seed Butter

Finally - a 'butter' I can eat. It is a bit dry, as are most of the nut butters, but that's an easy fix and I don't have to worry about a bad reaction to legumes and nuts. Thank you for carrying this product.

- Pati

rather have unsweetened

Could you please offer an unsweetened sunflower butter?

- Fran



- Olivia

Great taste

I really enjoy this sunflower butter. Both my toddler and I enjoy it in smoothies or just spread onto a cracker.

- Krystyna


I bought this for a recipe that I never made because I ate so much by the spoonful that I didn't have enough left over. So I just finished it off with my spoon. It's almost like peanut butter and the texture is incredibly creamy and smooth. It didn't separate either. I wish there was a sugar-free offering but this will do.

- Starlight


I purchased this because my local store was out of the unsweetened sunflower seed butter made by the same company. This one is too sweet for me and I usually like sweet things. I'll stick with the unsweetened version.

- Carolyn

Household staple

We love this stuff; can't go a day without it! Trading it out for peanut butter years ago for my son's daily PB&J sandwich, made a big difference in his immunity. We love the slight saltiness.

- Sylvia


We found this because our son is allergic to all the nut butters, but this is a great product even for those who can eat nuts. It's simply delicious! Love that it's organic too!

- Susan

Good, But Not for Me

This taste good, but caused my face to break out. Some nut or seed butters do that to me, especially if they happen to contain anything even a tiny bit rancid. And I do not know if this does. But Artisana products are always good. I will stick with them.

- Jo

Organic Sunflower Seed Butter

I purchased this because I can't find my regular sunflower seed butter at Costco - it's alright! I definitely prefer the one I got from Costco but this one is a close second. It's a little too sweet for my liking and so I just have to limit the amount when eating it with apples or using it for baking.

- Leanne

Wow - more please

I bought this originally to make a recipe I found & wanted to make. I wasn't expecting to like Sunflower seed butter, but one taste and soon enough I barely had enough to make the Sunbutter Bars! I had my PB obsessed friend try it -his face lit up & he said it was the closest thing to peanut butter he had tried... & promptly bought himself a bottle (elsewhere so he paid much more). I am curious to try the unsweetened one, but there really isn't much sugar in this so it's not a deal breaker for me. I highly recommend this, and would bet that skeptics would be pleasantly surprised.

- Kimberly

Organic Sunflower Butter

This is delicious,satisfies the desire for something sweet!

- Catherine

Great price!

I love the price and the option for free shipping is fabulous. We started substituting sunbutter for peanut butter when my son's school implemented a no nut policy and now he doesn't want to go back. He always requests sunbutter!

- Meghan


I am temporarily without teeth - 7 months and counting - this added to my green drinks with an avocado and its better than you can imagine - try it and any of the other nut butters - I've used them all including the tahini - organic and cheap - what more could you want to maintain cals and weight?

- Kevin Lewis


This sunflower butter is wonderful! I love the company's philosophy, too. It's a really great-tasting, organic, non-GMO alternative to peanut butter that I eat by the spoonful! It is going to be in my kitchen cabinet from now on!

- Natalie R


The whole peanuts have mold thing had me searching for a replacement. I am glad that I snatched this stuff! It smells like peanut butter, tastes similar enough for me. I had a little right out of the jar and was like, omg. I know I am going to have to measure my portions cause I will be addicted soon. Had it this morning on a piece of Udi's toast and it even gave me that whole peanut butter mouth feel. This is a new staple for me!

- Candice

Love this!

I love this on apples and bananas or just straight from the jar! Sometimes the butter at the top of the jar is runny and not as sweet, but just mix it up before you use it. Great alternative to peanut butter.

- Diana

Great butter!

I've tried a few brands of Sun Butter, and this one is by far the best! There is none of the grittiness of other brands, and it spreads easily. It's got a great flavor, and it's hard to believe it's not made of nuts! I use this not only on sandwiches, but as a dip for carrots, celery, and crackers too!

After reading a bit more about this company, I'm going to start buying from them more! I think it's great that they're employee-owned, and it's awesome to have the opportunity to support that kind of company! This is an all-around great product!

- Philip Stanley

Highly Recommend

This sunflower seed butter has great taste with the perfect amount of sweetness! I love sending my kids to school with this instead of peanut butter because not only is it organic and non-GMO but I don't have to worry about causing any harm to the extensive amount of kids with nut allergies. I have shared this product with many parents and besides for the health benefits, they are so glad they can give their allergenic kids a PB&J substitute!

- L. Peterson


I'm the odd one who doesn't like almond butter. I haven't found a nut butter I like other than peanut butter. What's a peanut butter love to do? Try and try again. I love sunflower seeds and because nut butters are so expensive, I finally bought Organic Sunflower Seed Butter. I LOVE IT. I love it on celery and apples - I'M IN HEAVEN!

- Janet

Tastes fantastic!

We use this instead of peanut butter because of close friends with nut allergies. It tastes great, is full of nutrition and bakes nicely too.

- Julia

Excellent and safe for schools!

I really love this sunflower butter. It doesn't have the processed, sugary texture of Jif, but, it's got a great flavor. I also like that its not so thick and doesn't seem to dry out. We're on our third jar! It's just salty and sweet enough. Even my four year old loves it - and it's safe for school because it's not a tree nut!!!!

- Jamie

It's my favorite

I've tried several other nut butters in getting away from peanut butter. Almond and pecan are good, but this is hands down the best. I bought two jars this time because I have told friends about it and want them to try it, and I don't want to run out!

- Barbara

Great spread for a naked carb

My nutritionist is teaching me to never eat a naked carb, so this is my new "go to" with an apple. I have also found it nice on celery.

- SL

Lori M

I love the taste and the creaminess of this nut butter. It's so good I can eat it plain, right off the spoon. It's also really good as a dip for apples or celery or in a smoothie. Sunflower seeds are a good source of selenium, Vit E, magnesium, Vit B12, folate, zinc and healthy fats.

- Lori

Love it

I love nearly everything hear at Thrive Market. Organic foods? Sign me up!

This butter is delightful and it is so good for me. I know the kids love it too. They invite their friends over and always make me serve it with their snacks. They even dip cheese chunks in it!

I like it with apples. It has such a better taste than peanut butter and I know I am getting good healthy oils in my system.

- Arcela

Different but good

Sunflower seed butter tastes good, but it's pretty different. Sometimes this stuff separates a little bit. Other than that I like it. It tastes great on many things, including vegetables.

It is different. Doesn't really taste like a nut butter and doesn't really taste like sunflower seeds either.

- Genie S

Great sunflower taste

I love the taste of this, even though it is a little different. Sunflower seeds are delicious and healthy. A great presents from nature! It's like a little bite of sunshine.

I do notice that sometimes there is an oily film on the top where the oil separates, but I just mix it in.

- R. Roden

Runnier than I wanted

This isn't a bad spread, and it's really healthy, especially when it comes to sugar and sodium.

My only thing is that it's more runny than I expected. I guess I'm used to peanut butter, and even almond butter has a nice texture, but this didn't have that same texture, even after I mixed it.

- Nestor Meta

Nice texture

Good natural spread that I can use on bread, banana bread, muffins and even pancakes.

It's not as thick as peanut butter, but it ha less fat, and very little salt, and it's gluten free, so the advantages add up quickly. Great price too on Thrive. I couldn't find it for under seven dollars on Amazon. Another product that my Thrive membership makes worthwhile.

- Natalie Manzano

Great for Gluten free diet

I'm on a gluten free diet, so it's harder to find stuff I can eat.

This is a great spread that takes the place of peanut butter. It has that unique sunflower flavor that is really good, but it also has a nice sweet aftertaste that works nicely. I usually make a sandwich and sprinkle organic coconut flakes on it for some added crunch.

- Norbert

Smooth and creamy

I'd never thought of sunflower seeds as a spread, but this stuff is awesome.

It's even more nutritious than almond butter which I love, and it's great on bread, crackers or just spooning it out of the jar. Low salt and very little sugar makes this a great, protein rich snack.

- N. Madzek

Great substitute for peanut butter

Wow, didn't think I'd like sunflower seed butter, but this is awesome.

It has that unique taste of sunflower seeds, but it's lower in fat, sugar and cholesterol. This is great on bread or crackers and has a creamy texture.

- Nicolas Morrison

Trying New Foods

Looking for peanut butter alternatives, someone at my local health market recommended this to me. I love that it's so low in sugar and sodium while still having some decent protein and fiber. However, I just really haven't been able to fall in love with it. It tastes okay in between my sandwich bread, but it's not something that I find myself craving or wishing I could have. Instead, I find myself wanting to go back to my regular peanut butter. Maybe I just haven't found the perfect use for this yet, but I'm not in love.

- Peter B.

Sunny days with sun butter

This isn't the best sun butter I have had, but it is pretty good. I love the salty sweetness of sunflower seeds, and sun butter is a great way to get that yummy taste anytime of the day. I love it on crackers, bread, bagels and even alone.

One of the great things about sun butter? My son loves it too and it is great for him since he can't have peanuts!

- Risa Kaler

Takes few sandwiches to like

My wife and I can't be too careful with our young children. We don't allow them to eat peanuts, or any nuts really. When she found this sunflower seed butter, I was skeptical. I mean would the kids eat it?
We introduced them to this new food on a Friday night to give them time to adjust. It took them until Sunday before they really began to enjoy it. Must be an acquired taste. Happy we have something similar to nut butter to give them.

- Marcus Osborne

Keeps me fuller longer...

Since I've always been a fan of sunflower seeds, I thought I'd try this out in my morning smoothies. I find that it keeps me fuller longer, and I've had a lot more energy. I definitely plan to keep using it as part of my daily routine.

- Calvin George

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