Bac-Out Drain CleanerBac-Out Drain Cleaner717256001148Combines the latest technology of live enzyme-producing cultures and plant extracts for the ultimate drain care and maintenance. Prevents clogs and treats slow drains while effectively deodorizing. Our unique gel formula coats thoroughly and stays longer than powders or liquids.32 oz bottle
I don’t know what it was doing - by Oddly when I went to rinse this out a bunch of gunk came up out of the drain (tub and sink) and made a huge mess. Didn’t seem like the drain was running much better either. Very strange experience.
Works well - by Seems to work decently well. Made my shower drain smell better for sure. You have to leave it in for a while though. So some logistics to work out.
Good in killing smell - by This really freshened the sink when I poured a certain amount and let it sit overnight. I guess with natural products you really have to consistently use it. Like the instructions said, you have to repeat using it before seeing results. I think my sink is clogged due to Cleancult's filmy hand soap, I already unsubscribed from them, and hopefull my bathroom sink will come back to the way it was with the help of this product.
Works Miracles! - by This stuff is amazing. We live in a new rental property and have been experiencing some smelly bathroom drain issues. I’ve tried every natural remedy I can think of and it still lingered. I used this stuff on the bathroom sink and in the shower drain and we’ve had 0 smell coming from them. Throughly impressed and will continue to buy this stuff in the future.
Not a single use thing - by After reading the instructions this is not a one-for-one substitution for Drano, requires more time and days in a row

Bac-Out Drain Cleaner

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