Organic Gluten-Free Penne RigateOrganic Gluten-Free Penne Rigate799210434032Eating gluten-free pasta does not mean sacrificing taste, texture and nutrition anymore. Bionaturae cooks like traditional pasta to an "al dente" texture and goes perfect with all your favorite sauces. Bionaturae Gluten-Free Pasta will satisfy your dietary needs while bringing pleasure to your table in the spirit of Italian dining tradition.12 oz bag
Health pasta - by Pasta is just one of those items that seems to be irreplaceable so finding something that cooks al dente and doesn’t fall apart is fantastic
gluten free! - by You can not tell these are gluten free! Texture and taste is amazing!
Best noodles - by Cool up well and can’t tell they are gluten free
THEEEEE BEST!!!! - by I've tried soooo many other brands of GF pasta and none of them compare to this brand!!!!! so so yummy has a beautiful texture and taste!!! i end up picking at them eating them alone while i prepare my sauces they're that good! no other GF brand compares to this one!!! i'd say it even tastes better than regular ol pasta!!! hopefully one day they will make other pasta shapes but the penne will do!!
Best GF pasta yet! - by We are new to GF since my fiancé was recently diagnosed with IBS.. this pasta is AMAZING. It tastes exactly like regular pasta! We couldn't even tell the difference. Will definitely purchase again!

Organic Gluten-Free Penne Rigate

12 oz bag
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