Cold Brew & Almond Milk Barista Blend ComboCold Brew & Almond Milk Barista Blend Combomerch_califia_baristaCold Brew Concentrate: Makes 8 strong cups that will help you rise, shine, and conquer your day. Califia Farms’ concentrated cold coffee is slow-brewed in low-temp water to extract the natural flavors from sustainably grown beans. Unlike hot brewing, the result is a smoother coffee experience, that's less acidic (better for sensitive tummies!) and tastier than your average cuppa joe. Mix with equal parts water or almond milk, and enjoy it cool, warm, or even hot. Almond Milk Barista Blend: Add a few drops of dairy-free love to your daily cup(s) of coffee! Califia Farms’ Almondmilk Creamer lets you play barista at home, with its easy-to-steam, full-bodied foam that’s so simple to pour and swirl, you can even create fancy latte art!2 items
Wow! - by I really expected to be disappointed by this. I usually drink coffee with Splenda and I don't like the bitterness of typical coffee without sweetener. I have recently been wanting to switch to iced coffee because of the heat, and this was highly reviewed so I gave it a shot. This coffee is so smooth and lacks the bitterness of many coffees. I made an iced coffee this morning with 8 oz. of the milk and 4 oz. of the coffee. No sweetener needed, it's delicious!
Coconut spray oil - by My only complaint is that it sprays out too heavy. Leaves a puddle in baking pans
Califia Farms, Cold Brew & Almond Milk Barista Blend Combo - by LOVED
Tasty - by Califia Farms, Cold Brew & Almond Milk Barista Blend Combo
not good - by i had high hopes for this product
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Cold Brew & Almond Milk Barista Blend Combo

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