White Reusable Feminine Liner PadsWhite Reusable Feminine Liner Pads4897032742741Charlie Banana's reusable liners offer the protection you need using Climate Neutral Certified and third-party tested materials like fleece and micro terry. This bundle of 3 dye- and perfume-free liners (regular, super, and super+) arrives in a mini tote for discreet storage. 1% of sales helps tackle climate change.3 pads
Not exactly liners. Not recommended for workouts - by I agree that these are more light day pads rather than actual liners. They are pretty think. Also due to the fleece, these are not a good option for heavy workouts or running. They chafe like crazy and it feels like running in a diaper. I’ll stick to using these when I don’t feel like using a cup.
More like a light flow pad than a liner - by These are much thicker than panty liners. The fabric is fleece, not 100% cotton. I have reusable cotton flannel liners from a different company that are lower profile than these and are more of a true liner. That being said, I think these work well as a mini pad for lighter flow days or as backup for tampons on heavier days. Because they are a synthetic blend, stains seem to come out easier than on my all-cotton pads. Just make sure to rinse them right after you remove them and store in a wet bag until you are ready to wash.
no complaints - by works great
Interesting bag choice - by Lol came with St. Patrick's Day theme bag. Complete with leprechauns, clovers, gold. *facepalm It may be good to say 'surprise print tote' because I did not get one as cute as the one pictured
Liner - by Nice size, work great
Charlie Banana
Charlie Banana

White Reusable Feminine Liner Pads

3 pads
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