Kombucha Tea Starter CultureKombucha Tea Starter Culture814598020322At $4 a bottle, a kombucha habit can seriously drain your wallet. But that tart, fizzy drink can be so irresistible. That's why we're loving Cultures for Health's Starter Kit, which has nearly everything you need to brew bubbly, organic kombucha right at home—including the SCOBY, which stands for “symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast.” When you open the kit, you’ll see it—it looks a little bit like brown, dried mango. The SCOBY is important because it’s the living home for the bacteria and yeast that turns sweet tea into fizzy, probiotic-packed kombucha. Other ingredients needed to brew the kombucha (including distilled white vinegar) sold separately.1 count
To afraid to start - by I bought this thinking it would encourage me to start… I’m still to nervous to start
Dead SCOBY - by Wish I had read the reviews instead of getting my hopes up- just looks like a sad piece of fruit roll-up in a cloudy jar of old tea. No signs or smells of fermentation at all.
Dead or molding :( - by I tried this product twice - the first died very quickly (maybe user error getting the right temperature room) and the second Round I was able to get two cycles of kombucha done before it straight up grew fuzzy mold. This could be user error as well but it's pretty frustrating to have that many month for two bottles of 'booch.:/
Twice without Results - by I tried this product twice. The first time I assumed I did something wrong since after the recommended 4-6 weeks, nothing changed. Bought the kit again and followed the instructions to the t, purchased distilled water for use (just in case it was my water that was the problem), 4 -6 weeks passed, nothing happened. Tried the second fermentation mentioned in the instructions.... still nothing.
Failure to scobe - by I have tried this twice, and I could not get a scoby to form. I would not recommend this product or a dehydrated scoby to anyone. With the right crowd, if you put out a call on Facebook, you'll get a scoby in no time. Or, you can get a store-bought Kombucha and breed your own, or order a live one online.
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