Zesty Cheddar Style Deluxe SauceZesty Cheddar Style Deluxe Sauce871459007083Chasing the perfect dairy-free cheddar? Stop when you see Daiya. This zesty cheddar sauce is incredibly rich and creamy, made from natural plant-based ingredients—and no messy powder mixture! Enhanced with just a touch of jalapeños, bell peppers, and onions, it has the perfect spicy blend great for tortilla chips, taco bowls, and baked potatoes.14.2 oz box
Surprisingly good - by Got this on a whim. My daughter is dairy allergic so we don’t keep dairy in the house. This definitely tastes quite a bit like the super processed canned nacho sauce I loved as a kid. Really good drizzled on chips for a plate of nachos or as a dipping sauce for pretzels. Probably wouldn’t want it as a Mac and cheese - it’s best when you want just a bit to give you that salty, umami, creamy, ever so slightly spicy sauce to accompany something else. It would probably be more obvious in a Mac and cheese form that it’s not the real stuff. I went in planning not to like it. I’m not a big fan of daiya shreds. But this felt like it was just processed enough what it was trying to replicate that it had a chance at working - and it does! Will definitely keep this stuff in stock in my pantry for when those junk food cravings hit.
Good - by It may not be exactly like cheese but it is delicious!
creamy - by Very good on baked potatoes
Delicious! - by Delicious!
Excellent - by You can heat it, tastes real

Zesty Cheddar Style Deluxe Sauce

14.2 oz box
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