Keto Bar, Crazy Rich ChocolateKeto Bar, Crazy Rich Chocolate859908003985Chocolate + sea salt = bliss in a bar. Dang's snack delivers all the good stuff (like almonds, coconut, cocoa butter, and chia seeds) without added sugar. In addition to offering 10g of protein per serving, the recipe works for keto, low-carb, gluten-free, and vegan lifestyles.12 bars (40 g each)
Great! - by I love dang bars! The chocolate flavor is not my favorite but I like it once in a while to mix it up! I think probably the almond or lemon are my favs!
Awful Product do not buy! Believe the reviews. - by Wish I had believed the reviews. I now have a box of bars that no one in the family will touch. The bars taste and feel as if they are expired. Everyone has complained of the horrible texture and even worse flavor (pure chemical taste). Thrive, please stop selling this product!
One of the worse - by This is the first time thrives have offered a bar that the whole box will end up in the trash. I couldn't even finish the bar I tried. If Thrives would offer my money back, I would gladly take it back and buy something I know has a better taste. What do you say Thrives? Do you have a money-back option?
Not very good - by Not good at all, they crumble and taste terrible.
ehh - by it was okay but not life changing or anything

Keto Bar, Crazy Rich Chocolate

12 bars (40 g each)