Keto Bar, Almond CookieKeto Bar, Almond Cookie859908003978Your new go-to bar from Dang is slightly sweet with a hint of vanilla and brimming with nuts and seeds. Whole ingredients like almonds, coconut, coconut butter, and chia seeds offer a nutritious snack that nixes added sugar and delivers 9g of protein. Stock up, especially if you follow a keto, low-carb, gluten-free, or vegan lifestyle.12 bars (40 g each)
Yum! - by These are some of my favorite keto bars!
Just okay - by I’m not an extreme keto person, just a low carb person, so I’m not willing to compromise this much. If I need a cookie, I’ll eat one. These don’t do it for me.
DANG GOOD BAR! - by These are yummm. Not to sweet but still sweet enough. They include a crispy crunchy surprise I was not expecting. They remind me of my favorite marzipan. I will buy again in bulk this time!
Taste Amazing, not too sweet - by This bar tastes just like almond cookies. It's a nice little treat on a keto diet, and it's very lightly sweetened. I prefer that sweets aren't too heavy on the artificial sweeteners because I find that my appetite is hard to control when they are too sweet. But this product had a good level of sweet!
Good - by The flavor is a little fake, but still good. The lemon ones are way better.

Keto Bar, Almond Cookie

12 bars (40 g each)