Activated Charcoal FlossActivated Charcoal Floss019373755912Flip your floss with Dr. Tung's. This novel Activated Charcoal Floss is a new and innovative way to keep your teeth clean and healthy. It contains charcoal to help absorb plaque and bacteria, removing more of it as it expands. The material features simple polyester fibers with a refreshing flavor boost from lemongrass. Free of polyfluoroalkyl.30 yard pack
I really like this floss. - by I picked this up at store when I was traveling and was glad to see I could get it ez at Thrive.
The best - by Flavor is weird but this stuff works great. Would buy again.
Don’t like at all.. - by I don’t like this at all, first the sound of the string against the paper packaging puts my teeth on edge!! I also feel like maybe my teeth are just too close together for this thick string, sometimes it won’t fit between my teeth or gets stuck. I do like the smell and the minimal eco packaging, if I could just get use to the sound...
Best floss - by My new go to, the best floss I've used
Bad packaging - by I appreciate the attempt to not use plastic for the packaging. But this fell apart fairly quickly.
Dr. Tung's
Dr. Tung's

Activated Charcoal Floss

30 yard pack
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