Jalapeno Beef Bone BrothJalapeno Beef Bone Broth732153027411A darling of the Paleo world, bone broth is chock full of protein, collagen, minerals, and gelatin that can nourish joins and boost the immune system. Even if you’re not quite sold on swigging a mug full of broth in place of your morning coffee, you can still get all the health benefits by using it in your favorite recipes. Swap in bone broth in place of water when cooking quinoa, add it to mashed potatoes, use as a soup base, or braise meats and vegetables with it for added depth of flavor. The beef jalapeno variety is especially great for livening up bland meals as it lends satisfying savory notes and a fiery kick.14 oz jar
Tasty - by Good but a lot of sodium
Spicy - by This is really good beef bone broth with a nicely gelatinous thickness, but the spicy level is a little much for me (and I like spicy!).
Mild - by Mild flavor
Just enough kick - by Want to spice up your bone broth life? This is it!
Ridiculously good - by I use bone broth to break my multi day water fasts, and although I love the idea of bone broth I've never had one that tasted even remotely good. This one shocked me, its SO GOOD. I could drink this every day, and I love the idea of bone broth because its warm and savory but virtually no calories. This one has lactic acid and has a little tangy flavor but no weird aftertaste like I have had in every other bone broth. Sooooooo good buy ittttt.

Jalapeno Beef Bone Broth

14 oz jar