Pink Himalayan & Sea Salt Pork RindsPink Himalayan & Sea Salt Pork Rinds732153102064Organic, non-GMO, pastured & antibiotic-free porkWith a blend of simple seasoningsWholesome version of an iconic American snack foodCreated using traditional, old-school methods2.5 oz bag
Light and crunchy - by Must try
Protein snack - by If you like pork rinds but you’re looking for a cleaner better quality one this is a great brand. Good snack for focusing protein and being low carb.
Love - by Love love these
OK - by Love the flavor but I am weary of this brand’s vague claims about ethical sourcing. What are they feeding the pigs? Pork and poultry absorb excess PUFAs that come from a corn and soy diet. Not good for us or them!
staple - by These are a great keto AIP and Paleo option for dipping things and putting as a topper on my dishes I like dipping them in coconut oil, avocado or coconut cream yogurt or a saucy type thing because they can be dry on their own.
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Certified Gluten-Free