100% Midnight Coconut Primal Chocolate100% Midnight Coconut Primal Chocolate748252203939Absolutely zero sugar is contained in this nutritional powerhouse! Midnight coconut combines our unsweetened organic single-origin cacao with loads of organic shredded coconut to deliver healthy fats and nutrients in abundance. Not for the faint of heart, cacao lovers may rejoice.2.5 oz Bar
Shhh...don't tell anyone - by How delicious these are for those wanting 0 sugar!
Evolved 100% midnight coconut - by My son and I loved it.
High Quality Chocolate with High Quality Ingredients - by The best no sugar chocolates I've had. For all of the negative reviews about it being too bitter...what do people expect?! There is zero sugar in this, soooo good!!!
One of the best! - by This is one of the best 100% cacao bars especially since they started including small bits of coconut into the chocolate bar rather than large coconut flakes which pretty much all fell off in the package and we're a complete waste. If you're looking for bittersweet chocolates this is not for you, this is the real deal with no sweeteners...perfect!
Way too bitter and texture is off - by Found this bar way too bitter, not coconutty at all, and the texture was a bit grainy. I will use this chocolate in baking but will refrain from eating it as a treat.

100% Midnight Coconut Primal Chocolate

2.5 oz Bar
Minimum 2 units per purchase
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