Wagyu Steak Lovers BoxWagyu Steak Lovers BoxFirstLight_SteakLovers2This Certified Humane bundle is for the serious Wagyu lover. Enjoy melt-in-your-mouth texture and beautiful marbling from cattle that are grass-fed and pastured on the hills of New Zealand. This bundle of favorite cuts is sourced from a co-op of family farms.About 5.5 lbs
wagyu steak lovers box - by enjoyed the outstanding quality of these steaks
Can't go wrong. - by If you love steaks as much as I do, you can't go wrong with these. Nice variety and great flavor.
The best steaks!! - by All of the cuts of these steaks are sooooo good!!! So tender and flavorful! We got these on sale so it was great steaks at a great price!!
Loved the Beef - by Gave this as a gift and they were beyond words how good it was
Delicious! - by But serving size was small!
First Light
First Light

Wagyu Steak Lovers Box

About 5.5 lbs