Cauliflower Chips, Sour Cream & OnionCauliflower Chips, Sour Cream & Onion810571031224If sour cream and onion chips are a guilty pleasure, switch up your bag and give From the Ground UP a try. Made with real cauliflower and other wholesome ingredients, these lightly fried snacks will become a fast favorite.3.5 oz box
Sophisticated snacks - by I love the chips that come in a tube, you know the ones. These taste like a more sophisticated version of these. I love them!
My whole family loves! - by Young and old, healthy and ‘not’- we all love these so much. Flavor is spot on and texture is great
I Don't Fill Guilty... - by Finally some chips that I can ear and not fill guilty doinng so.
Love - by Love everything from this brand!!
FAV - by Omg these are so yummy; like a healthier version of sour cream and onion chips. You can still taste that they're a little veggie forward, but not overwhelmingly so
From The Ground UP
From The Ground UP

Cauliflower Chips, Sour Cream & Onion

3.5 oz box$1.14/oz
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