Compostable Food Waste BagsCompostable Food Waste Bags810119023988Composting is a great way to enhance your garden and do right by the earth, too. Full Circle Compostable Food Waste Bags don't take up precious counter space but can be filled with all your food scraps before being taken outside to a larger bin. Each bag is made of natural kraft paper and a vegetable-based liner.10 bags
Great Transfer Bag - by I have used these bags to hold the food that’s compostable. It makes it easier for me to do my composting, and not throwing away the food.
Comparable bags - by I use the bags to put on my the vegetables scrap in when I doing food prep. The bags have a waxed liner. Love that.
Small lined bags - by Great for small amounts.
awesome - by great great compost bags
Pricey but perfect - by Now that it’s the law in California to compost, it’s easy to put food scraps in this under the sink and then drop in the green trash bin. I just wish they cost less
Full Circle
Full Circle

Compostable Food Waste Bags

10 bags$1.35/bag
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