Dr. Formulated CBD 20mg Drops for PetsDr. Formulated CBD 20mg Drops for Pets658010125871This unique product is made with 20mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) from Whole Hemp Extract, plus Garden of Life's specially sourced Pure Essential Oils rich in terpenes, to create a more potent entourage effect. Formulated for for adult dogs with 20mg of CBD per serving. THC Free, Vegan & Gluten Free with a delicious peanut butter flavor.30 mL (1 fl oz) bottle
CBD Drops for Pets - by Very affordable… I give my dog half a dropper every day with his food. He has had seizures in the past and this has seemed to help them be less frequent.
helpful - by This product helped calm my anxious dog and I think helped my older dog who had cancers be more comfortable towards the end of his life.
Cookie approved - by Cookie can have pain in his leg from time to time as well as anxiety but this has helped tons to alleviate pain.
Fine drops - by They seem fine, but didn’t really see any difference in the dogs
Great - by Dogs love, this!! Superior Quality
Garden of Life
Garden of Life

Dr. Formulated CBD 20mg Drops for Pets

30 mL (1 fl oz) bottle
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