Dog Chews, Cow EarsDog Chews, Cow Ears818336010026Made from free-range, grass-fed Brazilian cattle never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones, I and Love and You Ear Candy are a tail-wag-delicious and "pawsitively" nutritious treat for your pooch. They’re a healthy and safe alternative to rawhide, which can be hard to digest and cause gas and stomach upset for your dog, so you can feel good spoiling your furry friend with them. High in protein, low in fat, these addictive beef ear chews also support dental health as your dog chews. Includes 5 per pack.5 count
perf - by these gross me out so much but my dog loves them lol
My dog loves these! - by My dog has incredibly expensive taste for bones, Im talking the $12/piece ones that he goes through in seconds. These are much more affordable and he doesn't devour them in one sitting, he enjoys them throughout the day. They do stink, but i haven't really found a bone that my dog likes that doesn't smell. Will definitely buy again.
KEEPS PUP ENTERTAINED - by My dog loves these and keeps her busy for a bit!
cow ears - by my dog loved these!
Great - by My dogs are big fans
I and love and you
I and love and you

Dog Chews, Cow Ears

5 count$2.60/each
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