Nude Food Red Meat Medley Recipe Dog FoodNude Food Red Meat Medley Recipe Dog Food818336010118100% grain- and filler-free and chock-full of superfoods (think chia seeds, green mussels, and olive oil) I and Love and You’s Nude Food™ Red Meat Medley contains real meat as its first ingredient. Pork, lamb meat, lentils, real veggies and fruit round out the red meat medley in this nutritious yet still-delicious kibble that will have your pooch’s tails waggin’ at lightening speed upon first bite.5 lb bag
Pup approved - by I pair this with the same brand of wet dog food. My Jack Russell gobbles it up in seconds! (She's not a picky eater). I like knowing she's getting good quality ingredients in the food she eats. Even our fur babies deserve healthy food options!
I and love and your use Food Red Meat Medley Recipe Dog Food - by I liked the ingredients, however my 2 small dogs ate it but did not favor it. They are chicken and duck fans of this good dog food.
Ok - by My dog seems to like it either wet or dry, but seems to make her burp a lot
Great! - by Dogs loved it!
Ok - by I wish I could get my dogs to eat this, but they aren’t fans.
I and love and you
I and love and you

Nude Food Red Meat Medley Recipe Dog Food

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