Raw Raw Beef Boom Ba Dinner, Grain Free Dehydrated Dog FoodRaw Raw Beef Boom Ba Dinner, Grain Free Dehydrated Dog Food818336010361Coyotes, wolves, and any other distant relative of man's best friend never eat anything cooked or processed. They hunt and forage for their food, then eat it sans flame. Raw Raw Beef Boom Ba contains the same type of raw, natural ingredients that dogs were meant to eat and enjoy. And you didn’t have to go crossbow hunting in the woods for it. Add water, and boom! Full meal. Be prepared to get lots of high fives. In the leg. With a tail. Makes 36 pounds of fresh food!5.5 lb bag
Quality product - by Really is a quality product but works better for bigger dogs. My little guy is about 9 pounds and it was too big for him
Crack for your pups!!! - by My Luna jumps up and down as I'm making this and can barely wait the 15 mins for it to rehydrate. They love this stuff. We make about 3-4 days worth and they cry/beg for this as we are mixing it with their dry food. Love the natural ingredients. Love that there is no chicken or chicken by-products in it (Luna is allergic) and that it is "make as you need it".
No More Tear Stains! - by My mini poodle + boston terrier both love this food! The boston terrier was getting tear stains from her kibble + nothing seemed to help, until this food. We still mix a bit of her kibble into this, but I noticed a huge difference in her within weeks of integrating this food into our routine. Her coat is brighter (she's black + white) her eyes sparkle more + her tear stains are gone! She was already on great limited ingredient, no grain kibble, but this is way better. She now begs for her dinner promptly at 5:30pm. We will consistently buy this food!
Lab Tested Lab Approved - by Mickey started throwing-up his food a couple times a week. I gave this food a try and almost a year later -- hasn't thrown-up once! ... And he loves it!
good - by My dogs love it. It is important to let it soak longer then five minutes. We let it soak for an hour to make sure they could digest the food. We have now moved to feeding raw and I like it better and their coats are better then this food. I think this is better then kibble. But not as good as raw. But perfect for traveling.
I and love and you
I and love and you

Raw Raw Beef Boom Ba Dinner, Grain Free Dehydrated Dog Food

5.5 lb bag$14.00/lb