Sacha InchiSacha Inchi765857606910Sacha Inchi is the ultimate snack for a supercharged lifestyle. This powerhouse seed contains an incredible 30% protein; making it the perfect fuel for hikes and workouts. Sacha Inchi thrives in the pristine, mountainous rainforest regions of Southeast Asia. They contain 50% Omegas, all 8 essential aminos, and more protein than almonds. This powerhouse seed is the best vegan source of Omega 3s on the whole planet! Sacha Inchi are similar to a nut in flavor, but has a much richer nutritional content. Use them in place of your favorite nut!16 oz jar
So good (and nut free!) - by They are a yummy and healthy snack, packed with vitamins, healthy fats, and a bit of salt. And because they are nut free, I can set them out at parties without worry.
Different but yummy - by Okay, to begin with, yes, these have a sort of fishy aspect to them. It's mild and I actually like the flavor and the satisfying crunch. I totally understand why folks aren't too fond of these - likely the high omegas give the tastebuds a challenge. And when starting to eat these, We noticed you have to take it slow, consuming only about 8-10 at a time until your system understands how to process the high omega content. Omega-burps are real! But we have grown to be a tad addicted to these and for vegetarians it's a good way to get those healthy oils
Just ok - by Kinda bland for me. I like Lupini beans better
Excited to try these!! - by Heard great things about these!!
Addictive!! - by I LOVE these tasty little poppin' nuggets!
Imlak'esh Organics
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Sacha Inchi

Imlak'esh Organics
16 oz jar
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