Organic Almond NutbaseOrganic Almond Nutbase858098008084One simple ingredient offers endless plant-based possibilities. Pull out your blender and add one to two tablespoons of Joi to one cup of water. Blend for 30 seconds on medium-high—that's it! Use your creamy milk for smoothies, lattes, and more!15 oz jar
Economical way to have almond milk on demand. - by I like that I can go to my pantry and make almond milk that is truly from almonds, in any quantity, very easily and affordably.
Tasty and Ideal - by This is the best product for my almond milk needs. It's a pure organic almond base that is shelf stable. I use it to make one cup of almond milk at the time for my protein shakes and for iced coffee mixed with one teaspoon of the Mount Hagen Organic instant coffee. This product is ideal indeed !
A great option to the liquid - by Since I’m the only one that uses almond milk in my family, I’m forever throwing away half-full containers. I received this as a free gift so was anxious to try it. I used it in a cupcake recipe that called for almond milk. I mixed it with the water first (as directed). It took a bit of mixing. I ended up pulling out my mini frother. It worked a little better, but the results still didn’t look smooth. I used it anyway and the cupcakes still turned out wonderful! I don’t drink almond milk straight, so this will never be an issue for me. I LOVE that I won’t be throwing containers away and wasting product any more. :-)
Enjoyed - by I bought this for my son but sampled it before I gave it to him. I really enjoyed this in my smoothie. I usually use coconut milk but it ruins because I don’t drink smoothies every day.
So much easier - by I used to make my own nut milk because I didn’t want the additives in it. This is just the nuts and all you have to use is your blinder for a few minutes.

Organic Almond Nutbase

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