Organic Heavy Coconut CreamOrganic Heavy Coconut Cream043182002103There’s something about whipped cream that takes a dessert from tasty to pure decadence. For those avoiding dairy, heavy coconut cream is a simple way to make a rich, thick, non-dairy variety. Unlike some of the popular store-bought whipped toppings, using Let’s Do Organic Heavy Coconut Cream means you’re not getting a side of refined sugars, additives, and preservatives. Plus, you get coconut’s beneficial medium-chain fatty acids, which can help your body burn fat. Simply chill a can overnight, mix in a sweetener of your choice and optional vanilla extract, then put it under an electric mixer until peaks form.13.5 oz can
Coconut cream - by Amazing flavor. Perfect for whipping.
Delicious and rich! - by Great for desserts or creamy sauces.
The best on the market - by Superior to all other brands
Whipped - by Whipped creamed
bad can? - by I love all thing coconut. this, the smell, very odd. my dog couldn't stop sniffing it , nose up towards counter every time I pulled it out of refrigerator to re investigate. I followed directions for whipping, was looking good until I added the powdered sugar. not flat graining stinky mess. unsure if the watery part will be joining the rest down the drain or not. guess if unsure I should just let it go. came here to see if others had a stinky can, found nothing like that. Expensive waste.
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