Moroccan Preserved LemonsMoroccan Preserved Lemons852955007098Mina's fragrant and uniquely shaped beldi lemons are indigenous to Morocco where Mina handpicks and naturally cure them in sea salt. The pulp and rind are essential to Moroccan cuisine where they are used in tagines and salads. They also compliment any dish that benefits from a lemony taste. These lemons faithfully reflect Morocco’s unique culinary history.12.5 oz jar
The key - by These lemons are the key ingredient to the Moroccan chicken I love to make. Along with a spice mix, dates and green olives. Divine!
Lemons - by Had a funny taste.
Had high hopes - by I don't know this is the first time that I've tried lemons prepared this way I just couldn't get over the funky weird taste and smell
Okay in a pinch - by I've made my own preserved lemons.....well worth the effort compared to these BUT, in a pinch & for someone who is not "into" the "doing it from scratch" approach, these are okay. Heads up: salty and strong taste so use less than what a recipe calls for. Maybe the Moraccan "seasoning" is the culprit here though usually those seasonings are quite acceptable.
ok - by ok

Moroccan Preserved Lemons

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