Milkful Nursing BarsMilkful Nursing Bars869338000416There are plenty of decisions to make as a nursing mama, but deciding what to eat doesn't have to be one of them. Nourisher's Milkful Nursing Bars come in three delicious flavors (Blueberry Coconut, Chocolate Banana, and Maple Walnut) and each are brimming with superfoods that may help boost your milk production and energy levels.6 bars (1.85 oz each)
Expensive and moldy - by These bars tasted not bad the blueberry one is the best tasting. The bars are very dry and crumbling. The ones that I got was unfortunately moldy upon receipt.
Tastes disgusting - by Can't believe I paid over $20 for these. They have an aftertaste that made me gag. Inedible!
Dry - by Not best taste
Expensive and bad taste - by I put these next to my pump for a one handed snack. Each flavor tastes awful… fake fruit or coconut flavor, dry, crumbly… and it was hard to eat it without getting crumbs everywhere. Even the member price is over $3 a bar. Skip these and eat some oatmeal.
So tasty - by Not sure if they helped my milk supply but they sure tasted really good.

Milkful Nursing Bars

6 bars (1.85 oz each)$3.67/bar