Vegan Fish SauceVegan Fish Sauce811670030323Inspired by Southeast Asian cuisine, Ocean's Halo developed an organic vegan fish sauce that's kelp-based and ready to add umami flavor to any dish.12 fl oz bottle
adds great flavor - by love that this is vegan!
Great for making vegan Thai dishes - by glad I found this!
Perfect fish sauce substitute! - by This is the only vegan fish sauce I’ve seen and it’s great! It doesn’t taste fishy but it brings the tanginess of a fish sauce
add to your repitore - by I think this is a great ingredient to have on hand. Is it a replacement for real fish
great flavor - by I was looking for something different to cook my fish with. I am on a pretty strict diet being a body builder. So I have to watch calories and ingredients. I found this which had decent ingredients and calories. Small amount of sugar but, I can work with that. It was quite delicious and gave my cod fish a great flavor, not to strong. I would order it again
Ocean's Halo
Ocean's Halo

Vegan Fish Sauce

12 fl oz bottle$0.33/fl oz
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