Exfoliating Bar, Clarifying CharcoalExfoliating Bar, Clarifying Charcoal840045300341Pacha Soap's 2-in-1 cleansing & exfoliating bar is brimming with detoxifying activated charcoal powder and scrubby pumice. The handy shape is easy to grasp when wet, and refreshes rough patches of skin (like feet and elbows)—not recommended for face.5 oz bar
Exfoliation station - by This does a serious job exfoliating. Definitely don't use on sensitive skin. Works well for knees and elbows especially if you have dry skin.
My favorite soap-PERIODt! - by I love this soap! I use it on the rough patches of skin. Be cautious when you start--it will be too abrasive for sensitive areas or your face but perfect for elbows, knees, and other rough patches. I highly recommend it and gift it to my friends. It's like a spa treatment in a bar.
Highly Recommend - by Great product, exfoliates well and leaves me feeling clean. I would recommend. It is very scratchy, which I prefer in my exfoliating products.
Soap - by This is by fair one of my favorite finds on this site the bar has just enough grit to be rough but still smooth I always have one on hand
Minimal uses - by As a new user to pacha bars, I didn’t know that this was almost exclusively for use in cleaning callouses or rubbing off dead skin. It’s not for use with most of the body so it’s a pretty specific type of cleanser
Pacha Soap
Pacha Soap

Exfoliating Bar, Clarifying Charcoal

5 oz bar$1.20/oz