Peanut Butter & Chocolate Filled NuggetsPeanut Butter & Chocolate Filled Nuggets856369004766Peanut butter and pretzels is already a winning combo, but Quinn Snacks kicks things up a notch by adding chocolate. Enjoy the satisfying crunch of a sweet and salty snack in every Certified Gluten-Free nugget.6.5 oz bag
Could break a tooth! - by Super crunchy, too crunchy! And the flavor doesn't make up for the hardness
So good - by I really like these, its nice that they have a chocolate version, but I have to say that the regular peanut butter is my favorite.
Amazing - by Love these as a snack. Great crunch and taste
bitter - by The dark chocolate is very dark and overpowers any peanut butter flavor
Tasted Terrible - by As soon as I opened the bag, they had a strong, offputting smell. I checked the date and there were a few months left on it. I tasted one and was extremely disappointed. I rarely will throw something away, but the whole bag went into the trash.
Quinn Snacks
Quinn Snacks

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Filled Nuggets

6.5 oz bag$0.46/oz
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