Unroasted Dark Chocolate Bar, 100% CacaoUnroasted Dark Chocolate Bar, 100% Cacao850002567526The 100% Cacao Chocolate Bar from Raaka Chocolate is as pure as it gets. The flavor is creamy and bright, never bitter, with a subtle sweetness. It's made with just two ingredients: organic cacao beans and organic cacao butter from Tanzania.1.8 oz bar
Not dor the faint of heart - by I’m a fan!
The BEST - by This is the BEST no sugar chocolate out there. Not bitter like other 100% cocoa bars. Delicious with a little nut butter on top!
Very strong - by mix with monk fruit
Great chocolate once you findout how 100% dark chocolate ... - by My first time trying this, it was an unpleasant surprise, I wasn't prepared for how bitter it was going to taste! Once I was prepared for the bitterness and combined this chocolate with a strawberry it was fantastic!
Bitter - by Super bitter; melted it into coconut cream for a chocolate sauce/frosting that is passable though still not super delicious. Would love more ideas of how to combine this bar with other ingredients to get my chocolate fix!
Raaka Chocolate
Raaka Chocolate

Unroasted Dark Chocolate Bar, 100% Cacao

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