Compostable ForksCompostable Forks855995003068Repurpose makes sustainable tableware exclusively from plants. This set of 24 high-heat tolerant (200F) forks are durable, non-toxic, and BPA-free. Pack them in picnic baskets, brown bag lunches, or just make dinner cleanup easier—they’re certified compostable in 90 days!24 count
Every single of that I’ve used has broken - by I’m not even doing anything crazy with these forks but every single one that I’ve used has snapped in half
Forks keep breaking - by As the “granola” member of my family, I was thrilled to get these for our recent family get together. Saving the environment AND disposable, what could be better? What would be better is if they didn’t break while using them. When it happened to my husband, I thought he was just being the Hulk with the fork, but then as forks kept snapping, food accidentally being flung across the room, my family began calling these “trick” forks (like trick birthday candles). I love the concept, the spoons and knives worked great, but know the if you get the forks you will need back ups because each person will need two or three to finish their meal.
Repurposed Forks - by Not happy with these. All the repurposed cutlery breaks when using.
Breaks so easily! - by I went through 3 forks to try to eat my lunch today! These are not "Strong as Fork" as the box implies. I love the idea, but the execution needs work.
Break easily - by These are very fragile. Every one I've used has snapped in half before I've gotten to use it, even with something as soft as tofu. I liked the idea of it being compostable but these are almost useless. I don't have this problem with the spoons.

Compostable Forks

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