Un Cover-Up Concealer, Shade 11Un Cover-Up Concealer, Shade 11816248020317Shade 11: A pale shade with a subtle yellow base. Formulated to reveal and enhance healthier looking skin…not just cover it up. Completely lightweight and hydrating to the skin, the "un" cover-up will reveal more youthful and radiant skin. Minimizes the appearance of pores and rejuvenates the skin.0.2 oz jar
Best concealer ever - by Not cakey and covers well
Recommend! - by Great for my sensitive skin. Doesn't feel heavy at all
Go-To Concealer - by If you're into no-makeup makeup this is the concealer for you. Blends in without any cast, great for under eyes and slight redness. Coconut oil base makes it feel moisturizing. Love!
love it - by one of my best looking base products, clean or conventional. can be spread thinly as a foundation too.
Pricey but worth it! - by This little tub lasts me a year, so I don’t feel bad about the price tag!
RMS Beauty
RMS Beauty

Un Cover-Up Concealer, Shade 11

0.2 oz jar