Relief & Recovery CBD Cream, 125mgRelief & Recovery CBD Cream, 125mg865545000232When your achy muscles need quick, natural relief, Sagely Naturals is the rub. The Relief and Recovery Cream is fortified with soothing menthol and CBD oil, found in the hemp plant, to help ease the inflammation and nerve pain that can lead to tired muscles and joints. The formula was carefully developed by PhD chemists without any chemicals.2 fl oz bottle
Pain relief in nice scented lotion - by I am so happy with this produce. I ordered another one today. I'm older and have a lot of arthritis in my hands. This lotion is perfect. Great quality. Not sticky. Don't need a large amount, goes a long way. Worth trying for sure. Also gave it to a friend for Christmas.
Relief and Recovery Cream - by Great smell, not too greasy
Affordable - by Love this. Such a great option.
Good product - by Rather expensive, and I am unsure if it helped with joint or arthritis pain. However, the scent is fantastic, the cream is soothing and absorbs well, and I can even use it on my sensitive, acne-prone face without irritation. A great addition to a morning routine!
very good - by very good for minor aches and pains. depending on your issue you may need multiple applications. this is only 125mg so it's not going to be the same as some of the more powerful CBD creams out there. but it's good. just wish it was in a larger bottle, especially for the price. considering you may need additional applications, it's kind of cost prohibitive. depending on your need you may be better off going with something stronger. but like I said for minor aches and pains, it's good, and the smell is nice, but it does have menthol so keep in mind if you don't like that smell
Sagely Naturals
Sagely Naturals

Relief & Recovery CBD Cream, 125mg

2 fl oz bottle
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