Toothpaste, WondermintToothpaste, Wondermint859139006496Schmidt's oral care formulas help freshen breath and whiten teeth, encouraging mouth health by helping combat plaque with regular brushing. Enticingly cool, fresh mint, minus the bitter aftertaste. A fresh and wondrous take on classic minty flavors.4.7 oz tube
Great healthier option for toothpaste - by Feels nice and the scent is fresh!
Love - by We love this toothpaste. I tastes good and gets our teeth clean!
Teenager approved :) - by Seems to do the job - appreciate the simple ingredients - both my (teenage) boys approve!
Toothpaste - by Clean ingredient toothpaste and works well
Noticeably More Plaque on Teeth - Mint Taste Doesn't Last... - by I wanted to get away from the more commercial Tom's toothpaste that I had been using. I tried this toothpaste for the past few months, and I'm someone that is genetically pre-disposed to developing a lot of tartar on my incisors. Normally the tartar stays on the back of my incisors (which is harder to clean), but using this toothpaste, the tartar has calcified into plaque and wrapped around my incisors. If I could post a picture, I would. I'm someone that sees a dentist on a 6 month basis, and I'm sure they'll comment on the deterioration of my incisors. I like the ingredient list for this toothpaste, but it doesn't help me keep good oral health. Additionally, the mint flavor/breath doesn't last very long at all - so no "fresh feeling" for longer than about 10 minutes.

Toothpaste, Wondermint

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