Chocolate PuddingChocolate Pudding751217950007In two minutes, you could read an email, fetch the actual mail, or whisk up a whole bowl of delicious pudding. That’s all it takes—120 seconds—to beat and eat this melt-in-your-mouth dessert that tastes great in parfaits, pie filling, and more. Prepare with milk or dairy-free options. With no sugar or gluten and less than 30 calories per serving.1.7 oz box
Sugar free - by Tasye good for sugar free. I had better setting with regular milk opposed to almond milk
Super bitter aftertaste - by I bought this with super high hopes for a sugar free option for the kiddos but the chocolate pudding had a super bitter after taste. Not a fan. The jellos do too :( I'm going to keep looking for any other alternative or make my own with some liquid stevia instead.
Gritty and artifical - by Gritty texture with a chemical taste
Tastes good - by I like this pudding. Not extremely chocolate though and must mix well
pudding - by it's pudding
Simply Delish
Simply Delish

Chocolate Pudding

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