Nut Butter Variety PackNut Butter Variety Pack850000843219Try all 5 SuperFat flavors in one box! 2 pouches of each flavor 2x MACADAMIA COCONUT Simple and smooth. Macadamia, almond, and coconut butter. 2x CACAO COCONUT Deliciously dark. Coconut, almond and macadamia butter + raw cacao. 2x MACADAMIA MCT + PROBIOTIC: Gut & brain support. Macadamia butter + MCT & probiotics (500 million active live cultures!) 2x NITRO COFFEE + MCT: Energy boost. Almond and macadamia butter + coffee and MCT. 2x PROTEIN: Muscle support. Almond and macadamia butter + plant-based protein.10 pouches (1.5 oz each)
Stupid food, just buy regular nut butter - by These are just regular nut butters but with "powdered oil" added (basically oil mixed with maltodextrin), along with Himalayan pink salt (pointless garbage) and other additives that seem pointless (protein version has 9g protein in the 42g packet vs. 5g in non-protein version. Compare this to regular peanut butter that has 8g protein per 32g serving...that's how much junk they dilute these with). You have to knead them FOREVER (like 10+ minutes) or else you get slimy chunks of dried nut powder swimming in added oil. There is way too much oil in these. Plus they all just taste kind of...gross. And I absolutely love nut butters.
Great product, don’t like the pouch - by I have used almost all of my pouches and love the product. It’s almost a meal replacement when I am really busy and keeps me energized. But the spout on the pouches make it so it is hard to get all of the product out. These guys are expensive and as I said, I sometimes use as a meal replacement, so I would like to get every last bite. Plus the additional plastic is not desirable. I have switched to another product (not from Thrive unfortunately) that is a plain old pouch, so easier to knead/mix and easier to dispense.
Hate the pouch, like the product - by The pouch is hard to use, you can't really get all of the product out which is a shame when they are pretty pricey.
Flavor good - by The flavor is good but the packaging is an absolute nightmare. It is difficult to mix the oils back into the butter and impossible to get the full portion from the packet. Don’t bother if you have hand strength issues or arthritis
Amazing!!! - by Love love love these❤❤❤ Tossing them in my lunch bag is so convenient... only downside is that you can't get all the yummy goodness form the bottom...but not a deal breaker...these are great!!!

Nut Butter Variety Pack

10 pouches (1.5 oz each)$3.30/pouch
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