Mouthwash with Tea Tree OilMouthwash with Tea Tree Oil637792503602Want your mouth to feel squeaky clean? Try Tea Tree Therapy Mouthwash. The alcohol-free formula contains tea tree oil as its active ingredient—tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that helps remove tartar and freshens breath at the same time. This mouthwash is also free of artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives with an all-natural formula that’s safe for everyday use. The Tea Tree Therapy brand was founded 20 years ago on the premise that everyone should have access to the natural antiseptic properties of tea tree oil, which Aboriginals in Australia have been using for centuries.12 oz bottle
Good value - by We love using this product as part of our tooth brushing routine.
I like! - by The tea tree has a little different flavor than “fresh scent” mouthwash but this is not bad at all. I like using it and knowing it’s tea tree helps me feel clean and infection free. I like mouth therapy!
Mouthwash - by I bought this mouthwash from my husband and he absolutely loves it.. The flavor is awesome and not too strong and it does a great job of freshening his breath
Mild and effective - by I'm a big fan of tea tree oil for many uses and this is another! One of my new faves in dental hygiene.
Great product - by I needed a healthier alternative to listerine and one that wasn't repulsive tasting. This is it! Great taste. Foams up if you gargle it. Mouth feels great afterwards. Its also helped my gums more than listerine ever did. I recommend this mouthwash wholeheartedly.
Tea Tree Therapy
Tea Tree Therapy

Mouthwash with Tea Tree Oil

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