High Protein Bars, Lemon DelightHigh Protein Bars, Lemon Delight753656712031Each think! bar blends delicious, crave-worthy flavors with the hunger-fighting protein you need to accomplish your goals. So, whether you are on the go, need a snack halfway up the trail, or crave a pick-me-up before your workout, grab a think! bar. Every bite of our Lemon Delight bar is filled with tangy mouthwatering lemon flavor and almonds all wrapped in sweet creamy frosting providing an indulgent taste that satisfies hunger.10 bars (2.1 oz each)
Yes! - by Give me all of the lemon bar snacks! This is not overly sweet, but rather subtle with it sweetness! It also has 20 g of protein and is the perfect breakfast for me on the go! It also pairs nicely with my coffee.
Only ok - by I didn’t love the flavor of these. Needs more lemon flavor.
These taste like dessert - by I really like the taste and texture of these bars. So good!
Taste good - by The lemon flavor is nice after a workout love these.
Not my favorite :( - by I’ve heard other flavors are much better!! Just not a fan of these.
think! Protein Bars
Certified Gluten-Free

High Protein Bars, Lemon Delight

think! Protein Bars
10 bars (2.1 oz each)$2.00/bar
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Certified Gluten-Free