100% Compostable Tall Food Waste Bags, 13 Gallon100% Compostable Tall Food Waste Bags, 13 Gallon671635741301_3pkThese 100% Compostable Tall Food Waste Bags are made from plant-based materials instead of traditional single-use plastics. They’re ultra strong and perfect for keeping your kitchen compost bin clean and odor-free. By choosing these bags, you’re helping to reduce plastic pollution and doing your part to make the planet last forever.3 Rolls of 12, Total 36 Bags
Works well and eco friendly - by I ordered these and found them satisfactory
Good trashbags - by Didn’t disintegrate like other compostable bags. Be careful with throwing away liquids tho bc could cause them to disintegrate
Okay for what they are but won’t buy any time soon - by The lack of drawstring makes it more difficult to tie the bags close. Also, they have a tendency to rip at seams. I get that being compostable, the material won’t be as thick but it seems like I’m having to change the bags more often too.
in their defense i ordered the wrong size but…. - by but if you don’t change your bags frequently (like every day) they will probably break and your trash will go everywhere
Not for tall trash cans - by Sturdy and compostable, but not tall enough for tall trash cans
Thrive Market
Thrive Market

100% Compostable Tall Food Waste Bags, 13 Gallon

3 Rolls of 12, Total 36 Bags
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