Organic Arrowroot PowderOrganic Arrowroot Powder671635702913Made of ground arrowroot plant tubers, our organic arrowroot powder is a great gluten-free thickening agent in liquids and a superb binder in baked goods. It’s flavorless and can be used as a swap for corn starch. Pro tip: it works best when added to liquids toward the end of heating.16 oz pouch
Good - by So much better than corn starch
Good - by Use it for paleo baking and gravies
Just right - by A great sized multipurpose powder. I appreciate that it is bigger than a bottle but smaller than say a package of flour. Helps me have room for it in the pantry without having to restock too often. Lately have been using it in a New York Times egg recipe.
Pantry staple - by I use for making gluten free breads and paleo tortillas. It’s not different than any other arrowroot I’ve purchased but I like that I can get it here on thrive
must - by must have when wanting to avoid cornstarch works great for thickening sauces
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Organic Arrowroot Powder

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