Organic Sprouted PopcornOrganic Sprouted Popcorn671635703385This gluten-free, sprouted treat is the perfect blend of crunch and flavor. For best results, cook on a stovetop. It’s official: Thrive Market is taking over your pantry in the best possible way. We now offer a variety of wholesome baking ingredients and nutritious grains. It’s the perfect collection for all dietary needs and healthy cravings. Make room in your cupboards and let’s get cooking! ARE THERE HEALTH BENEFITS? The new Thrive Market flours and grains are all organic, non-GMO, kosher, vegan, and contain no added sugars, sweeteners, dyes, or color additives. WHAT IS SPROUTING? A regular grain is essentially a seed that you could put into the ground and it will become a plant. Sprouting allows these grain seeds to germinate, but then harvests them well before they bloom. In order for a shoot to grow, it digests starch from the seed, using it as energy to break through the outer shell. Therefore sprouted grains are lower in starch, and higher in nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals. WHAT MAKES THRIVE MARKET PRODUCTS UNIQUE? The concept of sprouting is not a new one, but what is new is access and affordability. A lot of sprouted products are hard to find or too expensive to use regularly, until now. It’s the Thrive Market way: We offer high quality at a low, low price. HOW DO I USE THEM? This collection of baking essentials, sides, and snacks are incredibly versatile. Many of the flours are great for baking breads and sweets, coating fish and or poultry, or thickening soups and gravies. For example, garbanzo bean flour is a good base for savory items, like gluten-free pizza crust or pasta, spelt flour makes perfect pancakes or waffles. And of course, brown rice and quinoa are mealtime favorites— either as a side, or mixed with meat or veggies for the main. Read the back of each package to find new uses and recipes on how to make them.16 oz bag
Sprouted Popcorn - by I was disappointed, it was very coarse. I usually use the stove top for my popping corn.
The only popcorn I buy - by I originally bought this as a gift for my dad and he loved it so much I thought I should try. I wouldn’t buy another popcorn. Sprouted adds to the nutrient density - perfect for movie night.
Good flavor - by This popcorn does have good flavor, if you like yellow popcorn. However it does seem to have a lot of hulls. But maybe because it is organic and hasn’t been modified.
Didn’t pop well - by Maybe it was a bad bag but it didn’t pop well.
Household favorite - by My family loves This and it’s much easier to digest!
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Organic Sprouted Popcorn

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