Pain Relief PatchesPain Relief Patches039278322002One of the best stiff neck remedies, this warm pain relief patch is comfortable to wear, provides long lasting relief and is developed with Tiger Balm’s distinctive formulation. Tiger Balm Plaster is a unique preparation that provides long lasting, soothing relief for stiff necks and muscular aches and pains. It is comfortable and an effective remedy for stiff neck and shoulders, back pains and muscular fatigue. Made from hydrogel technology and non-woven ventilated material, Tiger Balm Plaster is comfortable to use with easy application that leaves no residue on skin, making it ideal for everyday use.Five count per box
How can you not have these? - by These are wonderful if you’re feeling under the weather and you need a bit of pain relief to take a good nap or a rested night sleep.
Great product - by My husband really appreciates this product! For the bad days these are amazing!
Great for computer-induced neck pain. Wish it lasted long... - by I have chronic neck pain from my scoliosis that flares with extended computer use. I'm a pharmacist and I love using these as a quick fix for pain, especially when I'm trying to minimize the amount of Tylenol or NSAIDs I'm taking. Wish the pain relief lasted more than a couple hours, but I was extremely impressed at the amount of pain relief I did have while it lasted. Make sure to wash your hands after application or you may accidentally touch your eyes or mouth and cause irritation and pain!
Pain relief - by Finally a pad from my favorite pain relief co. Worth a try!
Best Patch available! - by These make a big difference when you have muscle pain. The smell can turn off some but it does not bother me, I actually like the smell and they actually WORK.. and they work FAST! Best pain relief without taking OTC drugs. Great alternative!
Tiger Balm
Tiger Balm

Pain Relief Patches

Five count per box
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