FloraCat Probiotic PowderFloraCat Probiotic Powder850964006149Promote gut health and boost your cat’s immune system with Flora Cat Probiotic Powder from Vital Planet. Each scoop contains 20 billion live active cultures from 10 specific probiotic strains that closely match those already found in your cat’s digestive system and will help promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria. Other comparable probiotic powders contain as little as 10 million live cultures. Simply sprinkle the powder on your cat’s food every day to get the maximum benefit. Vital Planet has worked to produce healthful supplements and other products for more than 20 years, and is a trusted leader in treatments for pets.70g jar
no issues! - by I've been so hesitant to offer my kitty probiotics - fearing it would cause more harm than good, and I've not noticed any negative side effects - and she eats her food like usual when this is mixed in!
cats don't mind! - by it's hard to tell whether it's helping them but they don't protest at all when mixed into wet food
Not sure if it works - by Hard to know if it really does anything, but I hope it does! I know probiotics are super important for health, so I mix this in with my cats’ wet food about once a week
hard to tell - by Just used this for overall health and everyday gut support for my "teenage" cat. Honestly, I didn't notice much of a difference because my cat was already fine, but I would consider using it for tummy trouble or other health needs that come up and am glad this product exists.
Helped with my cat's stool! - by My kitty has had horrible digestive issues for years and vets have said it's anatomical and there's nothing we can do.. she's on a hydrolyzed protein medical food, which makes her stool very hard and light. Since starting this probiotic powder, her stool FINALLY looks normal again!
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Vital Planet

FloraCat Probiotic Powder

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