Superfood Almond Butter PouchesSuperfood Almond Butter Pouches10603028000112Yumbutter's transcendental creamy almond butter with a superfood twist. This mind-blowing potion provides you with the fuel you need to live your dream and everyday adventure.Ten 1.8 ounce pouches
Sooooo yummy - by I got this as a free sample a while back and let it sit in my pantry for months! Once I finally tried it I was astonished at how good it tasted. I think I was expecting it to be heavy on the chia seeds or something, with that kind of gelatinous texture. I was so wrong! Same texture as any other nut butter, maybe a little sweeter but in a good way. Perfectly balanced and so yummy. I like that you can reseal the package as well so you don't have to eat it all at once. Perfect snack and great with apples!
love - by this is my new favorite almond butter!! it's so creamy and flavorful. I've been eating it with fruit and highly recommend mixing this up in some overnight oats - makes a filling and nutritious breakfast!
Absolutely delicious/Favorite Snack - by Wow - I got one package as a surprise gift from thrive and immediately ordered an entire box. I was very pleasantly surprised by how delicious this superfood snack tastes. Easy to knead and mix in the package. TWO convenient ways to access the product. I start by untwisting the lid and accessing it through the opening first, and then once I get to the bottom of the package I take the tear located on the side of the package to tear it wide open to get the remaining bits. The texture is amazing to me. Such a great way to get in chia seeds which has ample nutritional value + the addition of hemp/goji and almond! My absolute fave that I’ll keep a spare on the go in my car and purse!
not a fan - by can’t get all the product out - very oily and hard to mix
Yum - by Yummy almond butter. Make sure you massage the pouches to mix before opening to mix in the oils from natural almond butter

Superfood Almond Butter Pouches

Ten 1.8 ounce pouches$9.72/oz
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