Fruit Jel Variety PackFruit Jel Variety Pack851657006071Zellee's organic and plant-based fruit jel comes in a convenient squeeze pouch and added prebiotics for a nutritional boost. Each serving delivers vitamins A, B12, C, and D, and has no added sugar, no animal gelatin, or carrageenan.6 pouches (3.5 oz each)
yum - by better than gel. very yummy
My boys loved these - by There were gone within a few days of purchasing.
Loved them so much put on reorder. - by I have been learning about konjac and the benefits, I also don't want a ton of sugar so this a great little snack if you want something sweet with benefits!
Jel - by my kids really liked these!
Texture is off-putting - by The box I received actually didn't have the orange flavor, instead it included an apple-mango. The texture of these does not appeal to me. It's akin to barely set jello. The flavors were also not as vibrant as I was hoping for. I won't buy these again.
Zellee Organic
Zellee Organic

Fruit Jel Variety Pack

6 pouches (3.5 oz each)$1.67/pouch