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19 oz bag

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19 oz bag

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Pamela’s Bread Mix makes a soft, delicious loaf of gluten-free bread that bakes up golden brown and stays soft for days. This versatile mix also makes dinner rolls, pie crust, cinnamon rolls, pizza, and bagels, and can be used for breading and gravy. Gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free.
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About This Brand

Delicious, gluten free foods with a full line of baking mixes, cookies and snack bars.Pamela’s Products, started in 1988, is known for delicious, gluten free foods with a full line of baking mixes, cookies and snack bars. As a pioneer in both natural foods and gluten-free, Pamela’s still maintains leadership status in the industry. With ongoing improvement and innovation, Pamela’s Products continues to grow and embrace the many opportunities that lay ahead. Pamela’s strength comes from Pamela herself, who not only develops every product recipe, but personally chooses, tests and approves every ingredient. Pamela ensures top-quality products by sourcing the best ingredients available for optimal flavor and texture in every product.Here are some of the reasons why Pamela’s stands out from the crowd:High quality sugars including, fruit juice, agave, coconut sugar, brown rice syrup and molasses create better tasting, decadent food.The palm shortening is made from the most healthful part of...
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Sorghum Flour, Tapioca Flour, Sweet Rice Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Organic Natural Evaporated Cane Sugar, Inulin, White Rice Flour, Millet Flour, Honey and Molasses; Rice Bran, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum, Yeast Packet (Yeast packet not included in 4 lb size).

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Calories Dry Mix: 120Prepared: 170 Calories from Fat Dry Mix: 10Prepared: 60

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 1g Dry Mix: 2%Prepared: 9%
Saturated Fat 0g Dry Mix: 0%Prepared: 5%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg Dry Mix: 0%Prepared: 8%
Sodium 280mg Dry Mix: 12%Prepared: 14%
Total Carbohydrate 28g Dry Mix: 9%Prepared: 10%
Dietary Fiber 3g Dry Mix: 12%Prepared: 12%
Sugars 9g
Protein 1g

Vitamin A Dry Mix: 0%Prepared: 0%
Vitamin C Dry Mix: 0%Prepared: 0%
Calcium Dry Mix: 0%Prepared: 0%
Iron Dry Mix: 2%Prepared: 4%

Allergens: None. Produced on equipment that also makes products containing tree nuts, soy, eggs, and milk.

Reviews For Bread Mix & Flour Blend

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Since I've found Pamela's products, eating Gluten Free is so much easier. Very versatile product. Websir has all kinds of recipes. I now make very authentic bagels, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, and bread.

- Michele

Good go-to for gluten-free bread

I've bought this a few times now and have found it makes a decent bread and an even better pizza crust. I love how convenient this product is since the various flours are already mixed together and a yeast packet is included. I kinda wish I still had my bread machine because this dough is very sticky and it would be nice to take a hands-free approach!

- Kimberly


This was fabulous. I was so happy with the results of this bread. I used it in the bread maker. Highly recommend!

- Melissa

The best gluten free bread

In changing to a gluten free lifestyle I was not very impressed with the ones already made in stores with big price tags so was delighted with the first loaf I made in my breadmaker! It taster every bit as good as wheat bread and the next day when I heated it the microwave was as good as fresh baked again. This one is a keeper!

- Diana

Best bread ever!!

This tasted so delicious and out of this world. I used coconut oil (in the liquified state) to avoid nasty processed oils like veggie or canola. This Penna. Dutch girl loves this bread because it tastes similar to potato bread. Yum!!!! I already purchased back-ups. :-) This isn't a crusty-type of bread. It's soft and airy.

- Tasha

Makes it easy!

I started using this about a year ago - when I was new to the GF diet. I use this mix with my Leuke break maker and it's always perfect! I just bought it to try with my Leuke baguette baker. It is doughy and delicious - something that is hard to find when it comes to GF bread.

- Carri

good bread

This was very good and it raised right over the pan.

- Judith

Pamela's bread mix

Excellent mix..... always perfect.

- Jama moffett

THE best bread mix!

This is by far the best gluten free bread I've had since going GF! It rises perfectly, the texture is spot on. I followed another reviewer's advice and froze in individual slices. From frozen it toasts perfect, not mushy or weird! :)

- Erin

too sweet for my taste

Very sweet for bread, but bakes up nicely. I'm going to use the remaining mix I have for something sweet like cinnamon rolls or raisin bread.

- Sarah

Best Price!

I get my best savings when I buy this awesome bread!
I can get about 18 to 20 slices cut thinly!

- Kami R

Pam's Gluten Free Bread and Flour Blend

Being gluten free .... this is the closest to glutened bread. Love this.

- marlene

Very Good!!

I make this bread in my bread machine and it is delicious!! After letting it cool I slice it into even slices and separate each piece with parchment paper and then freeze it. When I want a sandwich I just take it out and microwave for 30 seconds and it tastes fresh and holds together beautifully. Or you can toast it and it is equally good. Highly recommend it!

- Pamela

Pamela's Bread Mix

This is wonderful! We have been Gluten free for 3 years and have missed having sandwiches. I made the bread in my bread machine and it was fabulous. I split the recipe in half and made two 1 pound loafs. This taste just like white bread only better. Just bought 6 more packages tonight.

- Pat


I made hamburger buns with this mix yesterday and OMG were they delicious. The best that I've had in the 2 years of a GF diet. Manufactured GF buns are a joke after trying these. When my husband also loved these and thought he had died and gone to heaven I knew for sure that this mix is a definite keeper.

To Thrive Market: Would it be possible for you to stock this mix in bulk?

- Jeanne

Best bread mix

We have tried every bread mix we could get our hands on. This is by far the best yet. It's fluffy texture is just like bread with what. Pamela's is our fav.

- Laurie


This is seriously the best bread I've had since going gluten free!

- Rachel

Fantastic Fresh bread

This is one of the best gluten free bread I've ever tasted, and I've tried just about all of them. The recipe is easy to make, and the bread comes out soft and chewy and it's to die for with butter or some jam right out of the oven. If you want bakery quality bread that has no eggs or dairy, this is a good one to buy.

- Jack Benson

Not what I expected

I bought this as an alternative to having to go this special bakery that's a bit far away from my house to get fresh, real gluten free bread, and I had high expectations, but they weren't really met.

The mix is ok, but it tastes slightly thick and chewy, and it's not as soft as I wanted it. It's not terrible, just not the bakery fresh that I expected, but the good thing is you can make muffins and other goodies with it, so at least it's versatile.

- Caleb J. Cross

My husband likes it too!

I make gluten free, egg free, milk free Challah bread using this mix and even my husband likes it. I use a rubberized challah pan that I bought from Amazon which is the exact size needed for one recipe of bread to make 4 mini Challah loaves. The recipe for the bread is on Pamela's website. The bread is slightly gummy in the middle as all gluten free bread tends to be, but it tastes great, even with dairy free butter. This is the best gluten free, egg free, milk free mix/recipe I've found in 15 years of baking gluten free. Thanks Pamela!

- Pat

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