2x HE Ultra Laundry Liquid Detergent, 32-Loads

50 oz bottle

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50 oz bottle

Why You’ll Love It

Planet’s Inc.’s detergent is super concentrated and designed to be more efficient than other competitors. Each 50 oz. bottle is good for 32 loads. This detergent is a 100 percent certified biodegradable product and devoid of any synthetic preservatives and abrasive chemicals, which will keep your clothes fresh and your body clean.
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About This Brand

Planet is dedicated to providing you with a line of household products that are designed to be effective and powerful, while at the same time being gentle on you and our environment. At Planet, we believe that we all have a responsibility for the preservation of the earth, not just as individuals, but as companies and government bodies as well. That is why Planet is committed to the concept that companies must become part of the environmental solution. We do our part by practicing such things as producing environmentally friendly products, recycling, reducing resource consumption, reusing materials and using recyclable packaging with our products. We believe that other companies should practice such things as well, even if profits are a little lower as a result. It's all part of being socially responsible! Companies can also do their part for the environment by helping to fund the activities of non-profit organizations that focus all of their skills and energies on environmental...
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Water, Laureth-7 (plant-based cleaning agent), Octadecanoic Acid (plant-based cleaning agent), Lauryl Glucoside (plant-based cleaning agent), Sodium Carbonate (mineral alkalinity adjuster), PPG-5-Laureth-5 (plant-based cleaning agent), Sodium Gluconate (plant-based water softener)

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Reviews For 2x HE Ultra Laundry Liquid Detergent, 32-Loads

Based on 51 Reviews

Loving Laundry Day!

This laundry soap works great! I love that our clothes look, feel, and smell clean with just this! I use this for work uniforms, school uniforms, and regular everyday clothes and it works great for all!

- Tifani Buss

laundry detergent

It is very good product for the price.

- Rahila Bashir

Great for eczema!

Switched from Tide and cured my eczema!

- Kira


This detergent leaves my clothes so clean and with no funky smell! I have even washed our smelly workout clothes and they come out smelling awesome with just using the soap! I love it!

- Teresa

Success at last!

Happy camper over here! I use this on my daughters cloth diapers. It has an A rating on EWG and already has a water softener in it ( so I don't have to add anything to the wash - YES!!). Her diapers come out clean, and never need stripping anymore. No more rashes either! Once I finish the other laundry detergent I have on clothes, I'm switching to this for everything.

- Terah

Very Happy

Simple ingredients, great results. (I use with a natural booster by Neilies)

- Connie

Works great!

This detergent works great and is non-toxic to us and the environment!
I wish that Thrive Market would sell the fabric softener too!

- Deanna





Will reorder

- Tammy


Does a great job!

- Anita

Seems to do the job

There isn't a fragrance or a lot of suds--that's kind of the point in a free & clear, earth-friendly product. That said, our laundry seems to be clean so no worries!

- Kevin

Laundry soap that's good for the environment

This is the ONLY detergent I use now. It's good for the environment and does a good job at cleaning all my clothes.

- Cheryl

Nice bottle size

I like how compact the bottle is. No more heavy containers to lift.

- MonPat


Great product!

- Julie McDermott

Planet detergent

I absolutely love this product. After being sick so long and having to fight my way back and battle toxins, this is a breath of fresh air. You actually see white soap suds. Thanks for the tip of putting a few drops of essential oil in. Great product and I am ordering again.

- Leslie Dickerson


I absolutely love this detergent. It doesn't have a smell, it gets clothes really clean, and the most important part of it is that I don't have dry skin from this detergent or any allergies!!!

- Vita d

Goid product, shipping issues

Great detergent, but it leaked all over the Thrive box, even with being inside a plastic bag. Just asking for better shipping please.

- Alison

This checks all the boxes!!!

If you want a laundry detergent that is vegan, ecofriendly, cruelty free, and actually works...then look no further!!! I am a mom with 3 small children and I've been using this stuff for at least 3-4 years and it does the job so well. My husband isn't the best at pretreating stains but he doesn't need to be as long as we use this detergent. The only flaw to this product is that it is liquid detergent and not as convenient as those packets you pop in the wash, but I am willing to sacrifice that since it works sooooo well :)

- Robin

Most Excellent!

I have been using this exclusively for 9 months now. My whites are still white without looking dingy, colors are not faded. I am very pleased with this product. I feel much better using this with our septic system than I did with commercial products.

- Katrina


Seems to get my clothes clean! My bottle fell off my dryer and the lid bursted and I lost most of it, so haven't used it much. Plan to purchase another bottle to try

- Michelle

Love this

Great cleaning action.... and its a bigger bottle than I can buy at my local store, and a slightly better unit price. CANT BEAT THAT!!

- Ashley


Good detergent. Gentle and good concentration.

- Sheryl Y

Love it

Clothes smell just fresh and clean.

- Keith

The best!

This laundry liquid does the job without annoying scents or perfumes.

- Ruthel

A relief for sensitive skin and clean clothes as well

I have sensitive skin and had to choose between getting the clothes clean and be have my skin react to the detergent or use an organic brand and still have stains on the clothes. Now I can have both: clean clothes and no reaction to the ingredients in the detergent. Thank you

- rosemarie

Great Stuff

We are on our 3rd bottle of this so far and just love it. Gets the clothes really clean and easily removes gentle stains. I can't comment on nasty stains because we haven't had any recently. I love using this, having clean clothes and being eco friendly!

- Tami


LOVE it! But i put less then recommended.

- Michele


This laundry detergent is effective and safe!

- Donna

Good stuff

Cleans good.

- Denise


Does a great job!

- Lisa

Love it

This gets the job done without all those chemicals and strong fragrances. I just add a few drops of Lavender essential oils to each load for a subtle hint of lavender scent.

- Jackie

Works great

Tried this detergent and really loved how it cleaned my clothes. Also use Molly's Subs as well and use that regularly as well. After researching more about the "name brand" detergents and how formaldehyde is a regular ingredient, I started looking at safe alternatives. I used to use Tide before I read that Tide is banned in Europe due to the toxic chemicals included. Simply love the safe alternatives knowing there's no potential risks to my family.

- Charles


Last month I decided to go to natural products and I have to say that using this laundry soap really came as a huge surprise with the results. Using a standard washing machine and dryer without fabric softener or dryer sheets I could not believe how clean and soft everything came out! Based on information on this site I will be getting dryer balls next. Hopefully that will help the cat hair that likes to cling to clothes. I have to say that this will be a huge savings over time to not have to buy dryer sheets and I never was fond of the chemical smell the store brands of detergent, sheets and fabric softener had.

- Diana

Great product

Love how clean this laundry detergent is! Works great.

- Crystal

Planet Laundry Detergent

Great product. I just add a few drops of lemon and/or lavender essential oils to give them a great smell.

- Tammy


My clothes are clean with no weird smelly fragrance. Don't think this bottle will actually give me the amount of washes they say it will tho.
I liked it. Nothing about it would make me buy it over another clean brand but if I needed to resupply I would purchase again.

- Paula


Seems to work well and washes nicely

- shawn


Well this detergent certainly surprised me and in a good way. I had gotten used to getting less than stellar results from earth-friendly detergents but I thought that it had to be the trade-off for doing the right thing, ecologically-speaking. So I was shocked that this detergent gets my clothes really clean, and here's the kicker: It gets my whites super white, even whiter than conventional brands or when I've used bleach in the past. I don't know how they did it, but they did it. My only complaint, and it's a little one, is that I would love to see a scented version.

- Alicia

S. Sanchez

My husband and I are trying to be more environmentally friendly so we decided to try this detergent since it contains some of the best values from it's competitors. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, unscented and delicate on the skin.

However, we have a 10 year old son who plays soccer and most of the time, his uniforms have large stains after a game. After the first use, the stains were not completely gone so I decided to use twice the amount in the following washes. That did the trick! But I was avoiding having to use more than the measured amount.

- Great for the environment!

Eco-friendly, works great

I was apprehensive when my wife took this out of our Thrive box because unfortunately our experiences with eco-friendly cleaning products hasn't been the most consistent, but she insisted that this was a great detergent that worked well. As usual, she was right. Glad she found this product and it cleans just as well as any regular brand laundry soap. It also has no scent which is nice, although my wife picks a different scented oil to use with each load. It's also nontoxic so god forbid one of the dogs or kids get into it, we can rest easier than if it was a regular detergent. It's also hypoallergenic so I don't have to worry about it making anyone itchy. Solid product, great price, happy family.

- Bob M.

Cleaned My Dog Beds - No Problem!

I bought this soap so that I was washing my dogs cloths with as biodegradable soap as possible. I feel bad about having my dogs nuzzle up against chemical soaps that I cannot guarantee are all the way out. These are cruelty free to boot! Non-toxic too!

What I didn't 100% care for was the smell. I wish they used something more neutral and less aromatic. I would buy again if the smell was different.

- L Ross

Great, Clean Detergent!

This detergent is great! I've had stains that have been there for a while come out the first time I used this product(I had it soak over night). I also noticed that the clothes keep their color well, they're extra soft, and there is no scent. Also, I'm always happy to support products that are cruelty free, non-toxic, and free of additives! A great, guilt-free detergent that truly works!

- Antoinette

My New Fav Detergent

I have annoyingly sensitive skin, and this detergent doesn't seem to bother it. It does a pretty good job getting our clothes clean, even though we have really hard water. If I notice a stain, I mix it with a little water and rub it into stain, let the item sit for a few minutes and then wash. So far, it has gotten all stains out that I have treated ASAP.

- Lindsey


I rarely write reviews; however, I am so impressed by this detergent I was compelled to share this. This is the best detergent I have ever used! Our apartment pay washer/dryer is really tough on clothes and does not do a good job. My new sheets and clothes not only came out perfectly clean and smelling fresh, as laundry should, but also were incredibly soft. I am so excited there is a safe detergent on the market that works do well.

- Rebecca


This is the best laundry soap I have ever used. I have been doing laundry for 55 years. It is not only good for sensitive skin but it is environmentally safe.

- Jackie

Great product

Happy with the results of this detergent. The price is right too, was surprised to find that it's cheaper then Tide in my area, and easier on the fabrics.

- Nancy

The best

Cleans well. No nasty perfume or chemical odors.

- Nina

Love It! Allergy Safe too!

Works great, no problems so far and safe for my allergies. Finally a simple product that just cleans my clothes without all the smells and awful ingredients that cause suffering for those of us with allergies.

- Antoinette

Awesome alternative to Tide

This is more expensive than my old detergent, but I use less because this works so much better.

I love that it's made from natural ingredients, because if you read some of the things they put in our detergent, you'd be shocked. This is all sourced from organic plants and has no perfumes or colors added to the mix. It cleans really well and doesn't cause allergic reactions in my family like some of the other detergents have done in the past.

- Brenda P.

Bought this for my baby

I got this originally because I wanted something that wouldn't harm my newborn's skin and Dreft was way too expensive.

This works magically. It's all natural, gentle and mild, and smells pure. It has no perfumes or added colors and it cleans very well.

- Bobby Phelps

Cleans Clothes Well

My husband and I are child-free, so we didn't really think we needed to use harsh detergents with all of those chemicals to clean our clothes - and we were right! This Planet Inc detergent cleans them just fine. The large bottle works for over two months of laundry for us, and we were happy that it worked in our HE washer too. We haven't seen any stains on our clothes after they come out of the washer anymore.

Once in awhile, we'll have a tough stain, and you do have to pretreat the stain with something else in order to get this detergent to clean it entirely. For most regular use, though, this has absolutely no problem.

- Umani D.

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