Triple Razor System - Handle and 2 Blades

1 count per package

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1 count per package

Why You’ll Love It

This BPA free Triple Razor comes with two replacement blades and has an ergonomic handle that is 100% recycled #5 plastic and completely recyclable after use. Titanium-covered blades feature a Vitamin E and aloe lubrication strip for added comfort, and are easy to remove and replace. Package is reusable as a travel case and made from renewable wood sources.
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About This Brand

Performance driven and stylish 100% recycled household products.Preserve products are made from recycled materials and are all reusable and recyclable. By building on the widespread enthusiasm for recycling—the most common environmental activity among all Americans—Preserve is uniquely positioned to make a real difference in terms of pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, waste reduction and natural resource preservation.We believe in the power of partnerships to promote change. The collaborative efforts of companies and individuals to reduce waste and reuse natural resources are our best hope for creating better, more sustainable solutions. As the most powerful force on our planet today, businesses—large and small—have a unique opportunity and an implicit responsibility to work together to create systemic change and lessen our impact on the planet. Read more about our partners here.MissionWho We ArePreserve, a certified B Corporation, is the leading maker of performance...
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Handle powered by yogurt cups™, Handle 100% recycled #5 plastic, The only ingredients in our Triple Razor lubrication strip are aloe, vitamin E oil, a vegan colorant, and a plastic compound to hold the other ingredients together.

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Reviews For Triple Razor System - Handle and 2 Blades

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I switched to these from the target brand disposables. Even though the other brand is a bit better in performance, this eco friendly product is satisfactory enough to make a permanent switch to these.

- vianey

It takes skills

Bought the razor which came with 1 blade and also the extra blade pack. It took me several times to get the razor to stay put. I was beginning to think that I had no skill for this sort of thing. But, oh well, it's just a razor.

- Linda


Works better than any of my other razors AND doesn't create more plastic waste. Totally recommend.

- Shannon


I was skeptical of this razor at first but I loved it with first try! It leaves my legs feeling smooth.

- Angela

As close to perfect as possible!

Decided to give the Preserve Razor system a try due to the incredibly high price of other blades and the awesome ecologically conscious company who produces it. Seriously, it is made with recycled yogurt cups?! Plus our local Whole Foods has one of their great "Gimmie 5" recycling receptacles. Contrary to other reviews I found it to give me a very smooth, close shave - which is inevitably in part due to the fact that I also use the Kiss My Face Lavender Shave Cream. Being a lady I was concerned that it may not adapt to the curves of my legs but in taking a bit of extra time to avoid this I have ended up with a much better shave than before! Huge thanks to Thrive for offering such great products at unbeatable prices!

- Rose

Love it

Nice smooth shave especially for the price

- Erika

Good simple razor

I like this razor- the one thing I've noticed is that the head pops off rather easily. I can't decide if that's bad though, as I think I'd cut myself more often if it didn't.

- Carolyn

Not my favorite

This razor works great but I have already cut myself a few times shaving- ouch be careful!

- Jennifer

Be careful attaching the blade to handle!!

When I went to attach the blade to the handle, the piece that holds the blade in place actually snapped off! The blade wouldn't stay on after this and the razor was no longer functioning. So be super careful when you are attaching the blade head. Fortunately I contacted Thrive and while they were unable to send me a replacement they did provide me with a credit with which I will be purchasing another razor. While I did not actually get to use the razor, I love that it is recycled, Eco-friendly and cruelty-free vegan!! Can't wait to try out the new one. I ordered

- Jade

Good razor, affordable blades

Works great! Much better than the disposables I was using and gentler than my safety razor. Love that the blades are so affordable. Will keep using!

- Amanda

Best Razors

Loved the razors and I'm picky about what I use on my sensitive skin. I will be buying more blades!

- Elena

3? or 2?

Still going strong after a couple months. Nice play on words....I thought I was getting 3 but it only comes with one "triple" blade on one handle and one "triple" blade refill. The blade is stationary once installed on handle verses a gentle swivel on most disposable razors.

- Ron

Close and Smooth Shave!

One of the best razors I have used. I am so happy I bought this item.



Got a seriously close shave! My legs are still smooth with no stubble after a week and a half!



Cheap, bpa free, ergonomic & made from recycle materials. What's notvti like?

- DF

Dulled really fast

Used twice to shave my legs, and by the second leg the second time, was pulling and scraping, despite using shaving cream.

- Alicia

Not Impressed

The shave is rough, at best. I will stick with my over-priced Gillette razors.

- Jennifer

Like the Idea of It

I really love that these are more eco-friendly, but I'm just not in love with the shave that it provides. It seems to cut up my skin semi-regularly, and it leaves my skin feeling dry. The handle is really comfortable to grasp, but I think they just need to work on perfecting the blades and the blade lotions to make these really great to use.

- Kathy I. Felix

Better for the Environment

Did you ever think about how much waste your razor and razor blades could make? I didn't until I started shopping at Thrive. Now I've been buying this instead of my standard blades. I love that it's made entirely from recycled plastic, and I can recycle my blades after I'm done with them too. I also love that these are all made in the USA.

- Danny Bernhardt

great price and nice razors

does the trick for cheap!

- atxoh

No irritation, love this razor!

I love this razor. It doesn't have a "mystery" lubrication strip. They tell you exactly what is in there. I was able to shave all areas, even sensitive ones without a nick, irritation, or bumps. Yes, it is true the head doesn't pivot but that was not a deal breaker for me.

- Erin

Shaves better than a yogurt cup

Not a terrible shave but not the best either. The recycled handle feels as sturdy as something made from recycled yogurt cups so I guess they succeeded there?
If you're ok with disposable razors these will do the trick but for regular use, I'm going to keep looking.

- Matthew

Nice Razor

This was a good razor for the price. It took me a little getting used to just because it is so light weight. I would purchase this again.

- Kristy

Close shave, but...

I really wanted to love this razor. I tried it out with high expectations and I tried SO hard to love it, but it really let me down. If you like the feel of disposable razors, then this is for you. It delivers an amazingly close shave, but the quality of the razor is really low. It doesn't pivot well, I cut myself EVERY single time I used it as it doesn't work well on curves like knees or underarms (and who wants a cut there??). I gave it a good couple of months, but unfortunately I'll be looking for another eco-friendly alternative.

- Michele

Great, Sharp Razor

Be prepared to be amazed by this razor! It has three blades and once you run it under some warm water and get to shaving, it is a close, smooth shave that makes your skin feel super soft. My only "thing" about this razor, is it's a little thin, long and flimsy feeling. It's kind of... bendable? For the price of $5, as it comes with a replacement blade inside, it's definitely worth it. It's recycled and cruelty free, which are huge bonuses. I prefer waxing so if I like this razor-- GET IT!

- Amber

Stole these for my legs!

My husband bought this off Thrive because he got a great deal, and I decided to take a razor one day when I was showering and use it to shave my legs.

Let me tell you, this was one of the best razors I've ever used. It glided across my legs so smoothly, and the blades felt cool and clean. It gave me a wonderful shave without any issues, and I love the fact that the blades have aloe on them. I'm ordering my own set of these razors, love how they work.

- Edora M.

The best blades I've used

I'm almost trying to find good shaving blades at a good price. It seems that the brand names like Schick and Gillette just keep raising their prices more and more.

So I was excited to see these razors, which are environmentally friendly, made from recycled materials and with blades coated with aloe vera, which is great for rough skin like mine. The blades are sharp and cut well, but are smooth because of the aloe and vitamin E oil. No razor burn, cuts or scrapes, and as usual a great price for Thrive on these, which last me a couple of weeks per razor.

- Ervin Mullins

Love to See a Re-Design

If you've ever thought about all of the disposable razors and wasteful packaging that goes on with them, you've probably wanted a better alternative. This was the attempt at the alternative. Unfortunately, they just don't seem to work as well as I'd like. I'm not sure if it's the recycled material or what, but the head of the razor doesn't really pivot all that well at all. It makes it okay to shave my thighs or my legs or other straight areas, but it makes it impossible to shave any sort of curved area like my knees or armpits. I really want to love this, but it just can't function as my regular razor. I use it combined with a regular razor to cut down on my use of regular razors, but I'd love to see a redesign that would make this my all-in-one type of razor.

- Cassandra J.


These razor blades work really great and are eco-friendly. I first tried this product a few months ago and I really liked it. I purchased this at Thrive, they delivered it fast, and I even got it on a discount price!

- Loren Gordon

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