Greek Vinaigrette with Avocado Oil

8 oz bottle

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8 oz bottle

Why You’ll Love It

Made from vinegar, avocado oil, sea salt, organic apple cider vinegar, black pepper, oregano, coriander, and oregano oil, Primal Kitchen’s Greek vinaigrette gives any salad an extra pop of flavor. This dressing is also completely organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free, Paleo-friendly, and contains no artificial ingredients
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About This Brand

What is Primal Kitchen Primal Kitchen is the latest project by Mark Sisson, one of the founders of the Paleo movement as well as the author of the bestselling book, “The Primal Blueprint.” The company makes an assortment of Paleo diet health foods, ranging from coconut-based protein shakes to avocado oil infused mayonnaise. To put it simply, Primal Kitchen is on a mission to create excellent food made with nutritious ingredients that are oh-so tasty. Who is Mark Sisson Mark Sisson is the founder of Primal Kitchen and is widely recognized for his work within the Paleo community. But even those things paint an incomplete picture of the man—let's start from the beginning. Raised in a fishing town in Maine, Mark Sisson fell down the rabbit hole of nutrition and athletics at an extremely early age. He lived about a mile and half away from the school he attended and one day developed a game. Instead of riding the bus home, he’d run and try to beat the bus. Little did Sisson...
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Avocado Oil, Organic Red Wine Vinegar, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Oregano, Organic Coriander, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Majoram, Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate, Organic Oil of Oregano.

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Serving Size 2 Tbsp (30g) Servings Per Container About 12

Amount Per Serving

Calories 170 Calories from Fat 160

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 19g 29%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 150mg 6%

Reviews For Greek Vinaigrette with Avocado Oil

Based on 124 Reviews

Next to their green goddess this is my fav

This dressing is what got me hooked on primal kitchen. It's a staple in our house and we use it from salad dressing to replacements for condiments to a topper for veggies.

- Lauren Delfino


Love this dressing! It's so tasty!

- Savagd

My go-to dressing

I love this stuff! My favorite thing to eat it with is canned tuna and avocados over some leafy greens. I always add more olive oil to my salads because this can be a little strong by itself for me.

- Berkeley Wiser

'Can't be beat!

I first tried this when it was sent to me as a gift with my purchase. Since then, I have ordered what seems like countless bottles of this salad dressing. It's not overly spicy and adds a uniquely delicious taste to my salads!

- Jenette

Love this dressing

I love the flavor of this dressing. It is light and zesty.
Definitely need to shake it well before using as the oil separates a little. I highly recommend it.

- Lori


This dressing is much to strong for me. The oregano flavor is overpowering. I added more avocado oil as soon as there was room in the bottle to dilute the strong flavor.

However, I totally love the Primal Kitchen Ranch dressing.

- Philece

Great dressing

I like a more assertive taste to my dressings and this definitely packs a punch! I very much like the flavor.

- Sera Petras

greek vinaigrette

nice, just a little heavy on the seasonings for my taste...

- Robin

Wonderful vinaigrette

Very flavorful - I have already reordered.

- Beth


This is by far the very best salad dressing I have ever used! Plus, no sugar and no carbs! Please don't ever stop selling this one! Love it!!!

- Tammy

Excellent product

This stuff is great as a dressing or a marinade. I also used it to make a stir fry, and it was quite good. Although heavy on the oregano, it can be cut/stretched by adding lemon juice, Braggs, or a little more olive oil and vinegar.

- Catherine

This is great

You can't go wrong with Primal Kitchen products. Since we went paleo, we use this dressing most of the time.

- Bob Wright


This dressing is ok. Its oily and doesn't emulsify too well when shaken. Not really reminiscent of Greek dressing either.
Ingredients are clean and it's convenient to have on hand. I'm eager to try it as a marinade.

- K


I usually don't add dressing to my salad, but decided to give this a try. VERY good! would make a great marinade. I agree with the other reviews that the oregano is strong, I happen to like that though!

- Jessica

My favorite dressing

This dressing is SO good!

- Carol

Love this dressing!

I haven't bought salad dressing in years! I use olive oil and balsamic on my salads because bottled dressings are too heavy and cover up the fresh lettuce and veggie taste. But I love the flavor of this dressing and use it occasionally to add some spice to my salads. Definitely recommend it for those that love that Greek salad flavor! It does get a little thick occasionally and may require a stir before pouring but that's not a big deal.

- Lori

Fine dressing

A little too much oregano for me. Found it for less locally.



As with the other 2, this Primal Kitchen dressing is A+++. This one (Greek Vinaigrette) is actually my 6 year old son's fave. WOW

- Aaron

Love this dressing!

I really love this dressing. It is great on salads an it makes a nice marinade as well. Finally I don't have to have olive oil based dressings hardening in the fridge.

- Becky

greek vinaigrette with avocado oil

a bit to much oregano for my liking but like the avocado oil. could be used in many ways but i have only put it on salad.

- Felecia

Great for salad and marinade..and NO SOY!

This is one of the few salad dressings...including organic/natural ones...that tastes great and has no soy. Ever since my sister had estrogen receptive breast cancer and, subsequently died of a rare liposarcoma, I have mostly made my own salad dressing due to avoiding all soy b/c of the estrogen and it messing with your thyroid, etc. nice to finally have a few bottles on the shelf for those crazy busy days!

- Claudine

Amazing taste!

I typically do not use salad dressings but this dressing was amazing! I absolutely love this dressing and will be ordering this again very soon!

- Matthew Curry

Tasty + Healthy

I was looking for a salad dressing that was gluten free, soy free, dairy free, nut free, and corn free. This fit the bill and is really yummy!

- Melissa


Only bottled dressing on the market with real ingredients....No Soybean oil, No High Fructose corn syrup....and can't beat the Thrive price!

- Cody

A staple

This dressing is fantastic and has no added sugar! I now order multiple bottles

- Bree


I'm generally not a fan of vinaigrette or any oil and vinegar remade dressings, to me they've been heavy on the vinegar. So I've learned towards creamy dressings. But I'm trying to eat healthier, so I thought I would try this. Frankly, it was the fact it was made with avocado oil that tempted me to try. Pleasantly surprised? Way too mild of a phrase! I LOVE THIS! The vinegar adds something but does not overpower. The avocado oil is creamy, and the spices are delightful. I'm not a salad eater, but have requested salad with this vinaigrette several times now. I definitely will keep in stock!

- Donna

Great Product

I buy this on a regular basis. It is very good.

- Robert


I have been looking for a salad dressing that only has avocado oil or EVOO and NO sugar. Finally I found it and it tastes great!

- Constance

Good but peppery!

This is a good dressing with a light flavor profile, but it does have a kick of pepper to it. I'm definitely enjoying it and will continue to use.

- Lex

Amazing dressing!!!

We love this dressing and will use it even when we're not doing The Whole30.

- Tammy

Simply the best

Some of us have to be ever so careful of the ingredients in salad dressings. This one is the best, and the flavor is delightful.

- CreativeOne

No guilt dressing

I quickly learned going sugar free might mean my salads were going to consist of olive oil & a lemon wedge, which I tired out of very quickly! This stuff is really delicious & a huge change to my salad life.

- Kelsey

So good!

One of the best salad dressings I've ever tasted. It's Paleo friendly, healthy, and so full of flavor! Also, Thrive's price is the best.

- Mary

So yum! A Little Goes a Long Way

It's a versatile and clean salad dressing. I absolutely abide by this dressing for my weekly salad fix.

- Rose

Fresh tasting

Nice quality dressing with a fresh taste. Nice addition to top off a Greek salad.

- Julie

Bland, nothing to it

I don't understand all of the good reviews on this product. It's been sitting in my refrigerator for 2 months & is still full because no one wants to eat it. Bland with no discernible flavor & it separates so quickly that you have to shake it like crazy before pouring & even then it still separates!!

- Michelle


I love this salad dressing!

- Jill

GREAT dressing!

This so tasty - I like it as a marinade as well....

- Jennifer

Awesome flavor

I have been looking for a new dressing. I decided to try Primal dressings because their mayo is excellent. I feel the same way above ut their dressings too. Honey mustard dressing is also good.

- Rose

Contains No Sugar!

It's tough to find salad dressing without sugar. So happy to come across this flavorful, sugar-free dressing! It works with a variety of salad toppings!

- Kellie

Soy Free Vinaigrette

Always searching for healthy options...this one is really good.

- Jennifer

Scrumptious dressing

This dressing has a great taste and knowing it doesn't have any crap in it makes it even better. I'm a make your own dressing person so it's nice to be able to pigpen a bottle and have something right there to use for dressing or marinade

- Deborah


It's hard to find a GOOD salad dressing with no sugar added... but this is it!

- Bree

Greek Vinaigrette with Avocado Oil is the best!

I am just finishing my second bottle of this dressing, and I absolutely love it - it brightens and refreshes every salad I put it on! The flavor is marvelous, and the fact that all the ingredients are healthy and good for me just adds to the goodness. If you haven't given it a try, please do, you won't be disappointed!

- Nancy

I'm Addicted!!!

Never thought I'd be addicted to salads with this dressing, but I am!!! I love it!!!

- Deb H.

Good stuff

I would recommend this dressing to anyone. Paleo friendly but can be enjoyed by everyone.

- Ed

Great dressing

Really good taste with awesome clean ingredients!

- Jamie


Love this dressing for salads, marinades, anything!
Perfect balance of favors.

- deborah

Can't live without this!

In the past I would just squeeze lemon juice on my salads because I never found a dressing that I liked. Once I went Paleo and I found this site and tasted this dressing, I became seriously hooked on it. I think I go through a bottle in a week. This vinaigrette makes my salads taste fabulous!

- Maria

Greek Vinaigrette with Avocado Oil


- Georgann Stewart

My New Favorite Dressing!

This dressing is delicious and so good for you, too! And, a litte goes a long way. Just lurve the seasonings in it! Really brightens up a bowl of coleslaw into something really special!

- James & Patricia

A bit bland

I usually make my own salad dressings... so I think i will add some spices to this to bring it up a notch.



I haven't had salad dressing in 6 years due to too many new food allergies and intolerances. Oil and vinegar gets old sometimes. This dressing was soo good I basically licked the plate. Very yummy.

- Heather


This is yummy. It's wonderful to find a dressing that doesn't use canola or soy oils.

- Deborah

No flavor

Needs more vinegar or spices. All I could taste was oil. I shook the bottle really well too. I used it on a salad and couldn't taste anything but oil. Had to put a bunch of other seasonings on the salad to avoid having to add a different dressing.

- Lisa


I loved both the Greek and honey mustard! I went through both bottles quickly and ordering more today! What a great treat to have some one else think of the ingredients and put it together! And know you are still eating paleo!

- Bonnie Sullivan

good vinaigrette

It's a good greek vinaigrette, but the spices kind of got stuck in your teeth, so theres a bit of a texture issue.

- Carolyn

Great taste

My usual salad dressing is unrefined virgin olive oil and vinegar and this is a great option to change it up a bit. Be sure to shake it up well before drizzling on your salad.

- Lynn

Love it!

Tastes great and great for you.

- Daniel

Didn't like it.

Too vinegary...I kept adding more olive oil and then some extra seasonings, but couldn't tolerate the vinegar taste.

- Diane


Basically oil and oregano. If you're used to just using oil as salad dressing and love the flavor of oregano, this is for you. I, however, had to dress it up big time to make it edible. Mine had no vinegar-y taste at all. Maybe I got a bad batch?

- Aiyana


Shake well and pour fast, otherwise you get all oil!

- Karol

The best

This stuff is addicting! So good

- JoAnna

Good staple for a Great salad!

I love to have this dressing on hand for a quick and tasty Greek Salad. Just add Kalamata Olives and Feta Cheese, Red Onion and of course the lettuce and you are good to go!

- Debra

good flavor

Lately, I've had nothing on salad except some olive oil. This dressing lets me "live a little". Very full flavor, a little goes a long way. My taste buds are woke!

- Darcy

Taste too vinegary for me

Others may love this, but it sure isn't for me! Way too vinegary for my taste buds! I won't buy this flavor again, but I do like the honey mustard one and will buy that from now on instead.

- Rebecca

Love it

Bought it a couple of times. Now I buy the ingredients (here) and make my own.

- Joe

Licensed Massage Therapist

Delicious! I'm addicted!!!

- Debbie

Awesome dressing

Makes a daily salad "a looking forward to" meal.

- Kellee

New Favorite!

This dressing was a free gift with purchase a few months ago and ever since trying it, it's my new fave! Great taste and healthy avo oil to boot makes it a great Paleo option. I am now giving bottles as gifts to my girlfriends!

- Shoequeenjenny

Absolutely Delicious

So happy to have finally found a salad dressing that isn't made with canola oil. This salad dressing taste great, especially when making a greek salad.

- Claire


This is my favorite dressing. I take it to our favorite restaurant and order my salads plain. This is delicious!

- Barbara

Strong Apple cider vinager taste

OMG I hated this...but some might like it. I couldn't get over the strong apple cider vinager taste. Its basically all I can taste. Not for me...sad to say this was a waste of $6 and is going in the trash.

- Josie

Very Tasty!

I think it tastes great. I enjoy this dressing very much.

- Angela

Finally an amazing Paleo/Primal dressing to keep me eating salads!

This is my Go-To dressing in the ridge for a quick salad. I am pretty die hard primal and this is amazing to have in the fridge for lunch or for a snack on a small salad.

- Jesse

Greek Vinaigrette with Avocado Oil

Awesome flavor - it is not necessary to use much when tossing a salad.

- Nancy

Delicious excuse to eat leafy greens

It's great to have such a delicious, Paleo-friendly dressing so conveniently available. I've made it available when we've had non-Paleo friends over for dinner along with other store bought dressings which hubby prefers. This one is always the crowd pleaser! I use it as my excuse to eat more leafy greens.

- Myra

Greek Avocado Oil Dressing

Delicious on veggies ,fish and on and in meat mixtures.

- Billie

A little overpowering

This dressing has way too much oregano in it for my taste, it's just too strong in flavor, I didn't care for it.

- Kathy


Too strong a flavor for my preference

- Serena

Greek Vinaigrette w Avo oil

very nice

- Nancy Brooks


This is sugar free??? Amazing. Used it to maranade chicken and then used it as a dressing for my salad. Loved it!

- Susan


Light and flavorful, I love it.

- Patricia

Tasty Dressing

This is a great, light dressing. It is tangy as described and very good. I tried it on a salad and look forward to finding other uses.

- Kristen

Too many spices

We did not like this very much. It had too much spice in it. The oregano was overpowering. I will stick with making my own.



A nice tasty alternative to just olive oil and lemon.

- Ryan

Delicious Salad Dressing

One of my favorite salad dressings!

- Margie

Love it

Excellent flavors!!

- Daniel

Great dressing

Tastes close to my homemade dressing; clean ingredients make this a healthy alternative when I don't have time to make my own.

- Patricia


The best salad dressing of ANY kind I've had besides a 5 star restaurant!

- Laura

Flavorful Dressing

I really enjoy this dressing. A little goes a long way!!

- Dorothea


Not all of the Primal Kitchen stuff is great. (I'm looking at you, collagen bars!) But this is a home run. Has a really nice warm flavor that we love.

- JB

Excellent Dressing

I bought it for myself due to many food allergies. My teenager stole it because it tasted so good....

- Robin


This is a very flavorful dressing, full of spices. Very tasty on salads.

- Dina


This dressing is great, and totally on my diet. It is, however, a bit lacking in vinaigrette, so I usually pour out some of the oil when I first open it and add in some pear vinaigrette or balsamic vinaigrette...and then it's perfect! YUM!

- JC


This Greek Vinaigrette dressing with Avocado Oil I'd delicious! I wish it came in bigger bottles!

- Debbie

Very good

I mostly make my own dressing, but decided to try this one. My family and I love it

- Anna

Great stuff

Very good

- gerald

Decent, but a little flat

A+ for the ingredients list, but unless you're the type that likes just oil on your salad, this dressing is lacking a little acidity. I understand the omission of garlic and onion, but the missing flavor isn't really replaced by anything so the end result is a bit overly oily. This is exacerbated by the fact that you have to basically shake it *as* you're pouring it in order to not pour out straight avocado oil. I'm glad that it's binder free, but maybe something can be done about the pouring mechanism to help keep the dressing mixed.

I added some red wine vinegar and a dash of salt and it worked out nicely, but I'm not sure that I'll buy it again.

- Soren


Love this dressing it tastes good and is good for you! Yummy on salad and other veggies!

- Chandra

Really Good!

I love this dressing. I have a severe allergy to garlic, soy , eggs and dairy and finally found a good tasting dressing that is safe for me to eat. Love this dressing. I am getting the other honey mustard one to try now.

- Tami

My new favorite

This came free with my first order and it's the best salad dressing I've ever tasted! I ate a large salad 3 days in a row just to have this dressing! I never want to be without it! Would love a bigger bottle.

- Lori

No complaints.

Even the vinegar hater actually liked this one.

- Iris

Love it!

This dressing makes me want to make a salad!

- Cheryl

Best Greek Salad Dressing!!

Mark Sisson you are amazing and make an amazing salad dressing!! It is so fresh and tasty! I didn't realize that other Greek Dressings I thought I loved were so bad. The consistency of the dressing is so much better and I can't say enough about the flavor, so so fresh! Love it!

- Kelly

Just like homemade

Love the healthy ingredients and great taste

- Mary

OK Paleo/Whole 30 Dressing

Bought this so I wouldn't always have to make my own dressing while doing a Whole 30. It's okay...I prefer the taste of my own homemade dressing. Personally I think the flavor of the spices is too strong in this dressing.

- Becky


Quite oily and missing a little acidity

- emily


This is canola/soy free, and I find that rare in salad dressings. The taste is absolutely outstanding, I want to drizzle it on everything!! This is a healthy source of fat (base is avocado oil) AND it makes me actually look forward to eating salad. Highly recommend.

- Rachel

Surprised in the best way

I was hesitant to add this to my order, since I generally make my own vinaigrette. I'm so glad I tried this out. The overall flavor was so good, with a fair amount of acid and so many different spice notes, that I was tempted to lick the salad bowl. That's never happened before! A little bit goes a LONG way, so I anticipate the bottle lasting slightly longer than I first thought, which is good. Still, I wish I could buy this by the gallon.

- Amanda

Delicious, healthy, and no garlic or onion!

Finally, a vinaigrette that I can have! I'm allergic to onions and raw garlic which every other vinaigrette seems to be loaded with. Delicious Greek flavor too!

- Suz

Too oily

I like Greek Vinaigerette, but there is just something a tad off about this one. It doesn't appeal to my pallate and is FAR too oily.

- Sophie


This salad dressing is delicious and a little goes long way so I don't have to use a ton.

- Emily

Love this!

i never normally add dressing to my salad except for olive oil so this is a fantastic paleo alternative to make salads, veggies, and meat more interesting! plus oregano oil is a hard to find ingredient.

- stef

Greek Vinegarette

Great tasting and healthy!

- Janet


The best salad dressing and so good for you.

- Christia


Great mixed greens salad dressing. Some crumbled feta on top and its a winner

- elizabeth labombard

Light and Delicious

This dressing is very light and refreshing!

- Lyn

Love this

I right away purchased a second bottle after trying this for the first time. It's sorta oily but make sure you shake it a lot right before pouring onto your salad.

- Rachel

Quite tasty, not low calorie

A good salad dressing- full fat and full flavor

- Deb

I could drink this from the bottle!

Every once in a while we come across something that makes our taste buds sing -- this is it for me. It is absolutely delicious, and while I don't, I *could* drink it straight. It's that good.

- Ann


This stuff is pretty good. My palate is very familiar with all of the ingredients, and I make similar dressings at home, so this one is right up my alley. Once again, SO glad to have the convenience of a bottled dressing when I need it! No crappy industrial oils or stabilizers or emulsifiers- just real, good, FOOD. Keep these products coming Mark! :) Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

- Kaley

Fresh and tasty

I'm so glad I received this free with an order, because in addition to being healthy, it's delicious. I love that it doesn't contain any of the ingredients that keep me away from the supposedly "healthy" dressings (sunflower or canola oil, sugars, etc.). I'm also in the minority and don't like garlic and onion so I LOVE that this leaves those out and still is very flavorful. I normally make my own dressing (or just use balsamic vinegar) but this will be a regular purchase for me. Thank you Mark Sisson (Primal Kitchen)!

- Diane

Great taste!

I just tried this for the first time. I have to say I did not care for the mayonnaise made with avocado oil but this Greek dressing tasted outstanding!

- Regina

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