Primal Fuel, Chocolate Coconut

2 lb jar

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2 lb jar

Why You’ll Love It

A tasty, low-carb, high-protein meal replacement slash weight-loss godsend, Primal Kitchen’s Chocolate Coconut Primal Fuel promotes and maintains lean muscle mass with a whopping 20 grams of whey protein isolate—which has the highest biological value (BV) of any protein source— and only 190 calories per serving. Its primary source of fat hails from dairy-free coconut milk, plus it’s packed with vital prebiotics (plant fiber that beneficially nourishes the good bacteria already in the large bowel or colon) to support a healthy gut. Also included in this game-changing shake are inulin-packed chicory root and flavonoid-rich cocoa powder. What you won’t find? Artificial sweeteners, flavors, sugar, or calories. Stir or blend to fuel up on 30 creamy, hunger-curbing shakes per container.
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About This Brand

What is Primal Kitchen Primal Kitchen is the latest project by Mark Sisson, one of the founders of the Paleo movement as well as the author of the bestselling book, “The Primal Blueprint.” The company makes an assortment of Paleo diet health foods, ranging from coconut-based protein shakes to avocado oil infused mayonnaise. To put it simply, Primal Kitchen is on a mission to create excellent food made with nutritious ingredients that are oh-so tasty. Who is Mark Sisson Mark Sisson is the founder of Primal Kitchen and is widely recognized for his work within the Paleo community. But even those things paint an incomplete picture of the man—let's start from the beginning. Raised in a fishing town in Maine, Mark Sisson fell down the rabbit hole of nutrition and athletics at an extremely early age. He lived about a mile and half away from the school he attended and one day developed a game. Instead of riding the bus home, he’d run and try to beat the bus. Little did Sisson...
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Whey Protein Isolate, Coconut Milk, Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavors, Inulin (from Chicory Root), Guar Gum, Stevia Leaf Extract

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Serving Size 2 scoops (42g) Servings Per Container 21

Amount Per Serving

Calories 190 Calories from Fat 80

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 9g 14%
Saturated Fat 7g 35%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0g 0%
Sodium 375 mg 15%
Total Carbohydrate 9g 3%
Dietary Fiber 4g 16%
Sugars 1g
Protein 20g 40%

Contains: Milk, Soy, and Tree Nut

Reviews For Primal Fuel, Chocolate Coconut

Based on 35 Reviews

Smooth Chocolate Flavor

I took a chance and I was pleasantly surprised on how nice the flavor was, actually thrilled. I will say I do mix it with plain Keifer or 2% milk and I love it either way. I did try the directions with water on the chocolate & vanilla and that's not for me I have to admit. Mix it with berries, orange flavor powder, and raw honey and I'm good to go. I truly love this product.

- Karen Alayon

10 stars!

Hands down the best meal replacement shake I have ever had! Lots of good fats and very low carb. Absolutely delicious.

- Cody Tustin

Excellent Protein!

I really enjoy this protein and especially like the fact it includes coconut oil! It keeps me full & satisfied and I know that I'm putting quality ingredients into my body unlike most of the commercialized proteins available today. I highly recommend this protein!

- Eric

Tastes great but I've minor drawback

I follow a primal lifestyle and I love the taste off this stuff. I eat very clean but this stuff gives me awful gas and it stinks too! Any Paleo/primal person will tell you that since going Paleo/primal they don't get a lot of flatulence and when they do it doesn't smell unless there's​ something questionable in what they eat. This must be the case with this protein powder possibly something with the coconut milk since it must be some form of powdered coconut milk.

- David Carson


SHOCKINGLY GREAT! I mixed with Milkadamia Milk and collagen protein - HOLY COW.... tastes like a liquid brownie! My 4 year old grandchild LOVED it - as well as my daughter!

F-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c! :)

- Lioness Light


I've tried other protein powders, but they all seem a little chalky and overly sweet. This stuff is DELICIOUS! I mix mine in a shaker bottle with ice, coffee, and a little bit of cinnamon. Yummy way to get my caffeine and breakfast in one cup.

- Stacy


I love this meal replacement. In my morning drink I use 1 tsp organic vanilla, 1 cup almond milk, 1 tsp dark cocoa, 1 tsp coconut oil, 1/4 frozen banana, 1 tbs flax chia blend, ice. I blend in a vitamix. Tastes great and keeps me feeling satisfied :)

- Colleen

Easy, Tasty Meal Replacement

This is my go-to breakfast most mornings, as I leave the house very early and don't have time for a sit down meal. I just throw 2 scoops in a blender bottle with water, shake it up and go. It mixes instantly into a smooth and creamy drink with no clumps! It keeps me energized and satisfied for several hours.

- joanne

Perfect addition

I can't say enough good things. The taste is wonderful. No weird textures. Adds well to other recipes, and mixes well in just a shaker bottle. This is going to be a staple in my pantry.

- Stephanie

Surprisingly Good!

This is delicious! I took my "jug" of it to work since we've been working really long hours, frequently eating 3 meals a day at the office. Had this for breakfast one morning, & wow! Full of energy all day & no cravings of any kind, even at my usual 1 1/2 hours - to - go - 'til -lunch - time munch time. Hadn't expected much, but am very impressed with it!

- Theresa

Great Product

I generally despise whey protein. So GROSS! I try to give it to my son to boost calories and protein as he is "ADHD" or use it as meal replacement for myself. This is the first whey protein that I actually like.

- Jennifer

My high hopes were deflated

I was so disappointed at the taste of this protein powder. I wanted to really like it because all the other Primal Kitchen items I've bought were very good.
It was quite bland and not chocolatey. Even adding a banana did not help. On the plus side, it blended really well and it had a creamy consistency that was nice.

- Edie Ung

Very yummy.

This is my favorite protein powder. I have a slight flavor preference for the vanilla, but that's true in general for me. This is the best protein powder I've ever used though. And it blends well with just a blender bottle!

- Lacey

Good stuff

I LOVE this stuff! I used to have to add a bunch of nut butter to my chocolate protein powder to make it taste good but not with this. 20g of protein for just two scoops. I love chocolate (too much if that's possible) so I do add a bit of cacao powder to make it more chocolatey. I blend this powder, cacao powder, hemp powder, almond milk and ice and voila. A great healthy and delicious start to your morning. Can even be blended for a recovery smoothie or late-night dessert.

- MaryAnne

Crave it!

I can't believe how delicious this is. I am hooked. I ordered it for my gluten free sister and when I tried it decided that she could get her own;) I do use unsweetened coconut almond milk in mine and haven't ventured out to other options as it is so very good that way.....I can't get enough. It's my little secret at home...don't want the hubby and kids knowing how good it is;) A great find for me and my sister!

- Bobbie Jo

Paleo Protein Drink

Love this product! Tastes great and is smooth, not grainy or chalky. I have had a difficult time finding a protein drink that is grain free, and was so excited to find this one!

- Tracy Lundahl

The best

Love chocolate and coconut so this was a win-win for me, mixed it with plain Greek yogurt , small amount of water w/ice and it tasted like desert for breakfast. will definitely be buying again. brought some to my friends at work.

- Michele


Love this stuff! I throw it in the blender with half a frozen banana, tsp of peanut or almond butter and some coconut water. So good.

- Sarah

Primal Delicious Fuel

This is so easy, so good tasting and so filling. Highly recommend and I don't really like meal replacements but this is like drinking an ice cream shake.

- colleen

Super Yummy!

I got this to use for a modified whole30, since it has whey, but I hate eating breakfast so I needed something else. This tastes kind of like chocolate milk, and isn't too sweet. You can't taste the stevia, no aftertaste. When you shake it off you get kind of a weird and delicious cream on top.

- Carolyn

Love this Shake

I follow the Primal Blueprint so this makes sense. The coconut flavor is barely noticeable. Filling for a breakfast and low in carbs. I make it with ice cubes in the blender to bulk it up!!

- Dorothea

mixed feelings

I love the way this powder blends - it's smooth and creamy. I love the way it fills me up. I don't, however, like the taste of stevia and I can really taste it in this powder. It's not so bad if I blend it with a banana or other strong flavors but I have a tough time drinking it plain. I know this about my taste buds so I probably should have gone with another product but the ingredients were so good I was just hoping for the best.

- Rebecca L

Excellent Supplement

Energy boosting and tastes good I find this one of the better tasting supplements I've tried. Flavor fabulous with bananas

- Kimberly

Love the taste

but I can't use it. After my first time using it, I got an allergic reaction to the chicory root. I found out that people who are allergic to ragweed may have a reaction to chicory root. Too bad cause I loved how it tasted. My husband will use it now.

- Mary

Best I've ever had!

High quality protein, healthy coconut milk AND a rich chocolate taste! I'm in love with this stuff!

- Shelby

Good protein!

I'm a fan of this protein! I always look for good quality protein and the fact that it tastes good is even better.

- Kristin

Super yummy!

I was taking a big risk with this considering the price tag but am so glad I did. Only a few ingredients and SUPER yummy. It has a great balance of chocolate and coconut. I blend it with vanilla almond milk and ice and have it for lunch and it keeps me sustained for a few hours. Great blended with a banana too.

- Debbie

I officially love this stuff

I don't often give reviews, but I really love this stuff. Makes a thick and creamy shake that is delicious and satiating. Not clumpy, no weird after taste. I love to add a frozen banana to make it even better. Price on Thrive is so much better than anywhere else.

- Colleen

Really yummy.

I blended this with a frozen banana and a cup of unsweetened almond milk. It's the best tasting protein powder I've had :)

- Jeanie


This is the most amazing protein powder. it is delicious and doesn't have that "protein" flavor like so many other supplements. It really does keep you full for hours!!

- Amber

Love it

The best meal replacement powder I've tried! And a great price!

- Jenniffer

Protein Powder YUM

OK, I should have bought two because when I make a shake, my husband and daughter nudge me to make them one as well - Great with almond milk and desired fruit

- Barb

The Perfect Way to Start the Day

I have been making the shakes for well over a year. They make the PERFECT breakfast or post-workout shake. So happy to see them on Thrive... $8 less than what I have been paying!

- Jennifer


Most nutritional shakes are just something I tolerate to get the protein in quick, but Primal Fuel is really creamy and delicious. I drink this. Every. Single. Day. Do yourself a favor and blend it up with a frozen banana.

- Janee

Best Tasting Whey

This has to be the best tasting whey protein on the market. Really good.

- Adam

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